Imitation and Alchemy by Elizabeth Hunter #review #ouap @E__Hunter

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Imitation and Alchemy by Elizabeth Hunter   #review #ouap @E__HunterImitation and Alchemy by Elizabeth Hunter
Series: Elemental Legacy #2
Genres: Paranormal Romance
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All Ben Vecchio wanted was a quiet summer before his last semester of university. Was that too much to ask?

All Tenzin wanted was a cache of priceless medieval coins that had been missing for several hundred years.

And some company.

Phrases like ÔÇ£never againÔÇØ donÔÇÖt mean much when youÔÇÖve been a vampire for several thousand years. And promises made in the heat of anger donÔÇÖt outweigh the lure of gold. Ben Vecchio thought he knew everything there was to know about the immortals of Italy. But when Tenzin tempts him into another adventure finding a cache of rare gold coins missing since the nineteenth century, heÔÇÖll discover that familiar places can hold the most delicious secrets. And possibly, the key to his future.

Ben and Tenzin are back in an all new novella in the Elemental Legacy series.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00068]***5+ Stars***

I don’t even know why I bother writing more then one line for any Elizabeth Hunter review. Because every single one of her books can be summarized in one word, actually: Amazing!

“Imitation and Alchemy” is no exception. This “Elemental Legacy” novella follows Ben and Tenzin on their trip to Italy. Rome, Naples, Venice…sounds like a great vacation. But nothing involving Tenzin is that easy. Instead, it usually ends with illegal activities, possibly one or two vampire deaths and mortal danger- at least for Ben since he’s the one who is a living human.
Why should their trip to Italy be any different? It’s not and so Ben doesn’t get to relax all that much on his summer break. Tenzin makes sure of that.
But more than the danger and adventure that keep Ben busy, it’s his indecisiveness about his future as well as the undefinable dynamics between him and Tenzin. It’s an eventful summer ahead of him and I loved tagging along for the ride.

In past books when Ben and Tenzin were just supporting characters, I had a hard time warming up to them, but especially to Tenzin.
She was hard to relate to for the longest time but with this book I feel like I finally know her better and actually like her. She isn’t overly emotional or sympathetic, but fierce and often distanced. Even with knowing her back story, that often made her seem aloof and slightly unbalanced. And at times really, really annoying. Which I’m sure Ben could attest to. But I’ve now really warmed up to her and her motivation for doing things the way she does is clearer. It’s evident she deeply cares about Ben and wants his best, sometimes nudging him in the right direction.

And Ben is finally growing up, finding his own way and trying to figure out who he is and what he wants. His life was never easy, coming from a broken home to growing up with vampires. It’s understandable that he feels a bit lost and unsure on what he should do. It’s thanks to Tenzin and some serious thinking that he slowly figures out his own way. It’s interesting to see him as a young man, instead of the little boy. A young, sexy man who has some serious womanizing skills. It’d be easy to write him off as the jock type, but he’s too smart, too aware and too caring for that.

The dynamics between him and Tenzin are a beautiful mix of banter, annoyance, love, caring and friendship. And maybe some attraction that both aren’t aware of and that I’m sure is going to keep us readers on our toes in the upcoming books.

The worlds Elizabeth Hunter creates are the best worlds to live in-if only for a few hours. The writing and descriptions are so well-done, I was able to travel to Italy, feel the scorching heat, taste some gelato and enjoy the evening breeze on the canals in Venice – all from the comfort of my couch.

5+ I-can’t-get-enough-of-Hunter’s-stories stars.

~Review by Paula



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