June 9th (Untouch Me, #1) by Emha Goliesh #BlogTour #Review #Giveaway @emhagoliesh

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June 9th (Untouch Me, #1) by Emha Goliesh #BlogTour #Review #Giveaway @emhagoliesh

June 9th by Emha Goliesh
Series: Untouch Me #1
on June 9th, 2016
Genres: Young Adult

June 9th: a night to love or a night to hate? A night to embrace or a night to erase? College freshman, Lacey Shyver, has no clue. Growing up with a neuromuscular disease, Lacey knows people only pretend to be niceÔÇöpity her, really, for looking different. That is, until graduating senior, Blake Nivey, enters her life. Breaking down her walls and lifting her spirits with just one touch, heÔÇÖs not like the others. He cares about her well-being and makes her laugh. He unlocks something within Lacey that captures her soul, yet LaceyÔÇÖs internal struggles surface. Is she just a charity case for him? Blake canÔÇÖt possibly like someone with limited mobility when there are prettier girls wrapping their arms around him. Or can he? But when Lacey finally sees where BlakeÔÇÖs heart truly lies with her, everything changes. Because once June 9th begins, it never ends.

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June 9th is an inspired debut novel by Emha Goliesh. Her heroine Lacey Shyver is a unique character with a life complicated by her physical disability (muscular dystrophy) & her near perpetual state of emotional distress. We follow her through a year and a half (ish) of her life as an undergrad and as her story unfolds, we see a young woman with a shy and naive nature and yet a very complex history.

June9What we know from the synopsis is that LaceyÔÇÖs life is about to be impacted by a co-ed named Blake, but his influence is really just the tip of the iceberg. Blake is the catalyst for change in LaceyÔÇÖs life, but her relationships with her best friends, her aunt and another young man named Zeke are so much more consequential to her future ( at least in book 1). We learn of her life through LaceysÔÇÖ inner dialogue and flashbacks as she reflects on her condition and on her circumstances. My praise to the author for how she describes what Lacey physically feels and also to how she goes about her life.

Emha really packs a lot of contemplation in the decisions Lacey makes. SheÔÇÖs overly accommodating to the people in her life and although it’s one of my favorite qualities about her, it leaves her vulnerable and sheÔÇÖs often taken advantage of. The story has an interesting assortment of secondary characters. Starting with Lacey’s Aunt/Surrogate mother Abby, her somewhat kooky but friendly roommate Amber, Blake (unrequited love interest #1) Ashley and Jill ( friends – that IÔÇÖm not certain are to be trusted) and Zeke ( love interest #2 & the real thing). Lacey has a bad habit of making assumptions and second guessing how others feel, especially how they feel about her. That seems to be the biggest hindrance in LaceyÔÇÖs life. But it does support her naivety and it seems she is simply hyper-sensitive , at times to her detriment

While I really enjoyed her story and Lacey is for the great part a likable and sympathetic character, I had some issues with some of the writing. At times the story was choppy ( the story recollection and the dialogue) and I felt like I might have missed a page or a scene change. The tone didnÔÇÖt always jive and characters felt manic (maybe thatÔÇÖs normal IÔÇÖm too far from the early twenties). Also, while LaceysÔÇÖ flashbacks help to tell her story, there were times it was hard to understand how her thoughts were related to her current situation or what she was experiencing in the moment.

Reflecting back, this is a story deep on emotion. I really enjoyed it and IÔÇÖm giving it a 3 ┬¢ star rating. I want to find out what happens next – I can only hope the author decides that a new date will have impact on LaceyÔÇÖs life and that book 2 will release in August or September. This debut points to a promising future in writing for Emha Goliesh.

~Review by Cyndi


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Shy and introverted, I never felt like I fit in, even though everyone saw me as a ÔÇ£social butterfly.ÔÇØ I moved around a lot in California, left people and met new ones, but nothing felt like home. Ever. Expect for writing. I grew up loving to write in small journals, under a desk, in a secret place. A place known to me and only me. I built a relationship with words in order to escape the reality that wrote about meÔÇödocuments filled with all of my flaws and weaknesses. The reality that I didnÔÇÖt understand at a young age and wanted to hide away from because my writing was something I could control. I could live in a secret place where every dream, fear, joy, and risk could be mine and only mine. My home. My safety. My love.



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