Pucked Over (Pucked, #3) by Helena Hunting #PuckedSeries #ReleaseDay #BuddyRead #Review #Trailer @HelenaHunting

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Pucked Over (Pucked, #3) by Helena Hunting #PuckedSeries #ReleaseDay #BuddyRead #Review #Trailer @HelenaHunting

Pucked Over (Pucked, #3) by Helena Hunting #PuckedSeries #ReleaseDay #BuddyRead #Review #Trailer @HelenaHuntingPucked Over by Helena Hunting
Series: Pucked, #3
on January 22, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Sports
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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Lily LeBlanc isnÔÇÖt versed in the art of casual sex, but after seven years in an on-again, off-again relationship, sheÔÇÖs definitely willing to give it a shot. And who better to try it with than her best friendÔÇÖs boyfriendÔÇÖs best friend? What could possibly go wrong? Nothing at all.

NHL player, Randy Ballistic, lives up to his last name on the ice and in the bedroom. His best friend and teammate has recently given up the puck bunnies and traded them in for a real girlfriend. And she just happens to have a seriously feisty, extra-hot best friend on the rebound. RandyÔÇÖs more than happy to be LilyÔÇÖs spring board back into the dating scene.

Casual sex is only casual until those pesky things called emotions get involved. Once that happens, someoneÔÇÖs bound to gets pucked over.

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1. Now that we’ve gotten to know Randy Ballistic (yep, there’s a Violet air hump in there…still), what do we think of him? How do you see him now in comparison to what we knew of him in the first two books?

Anja: Honestly, I didn’t have too much of a made opinion of Randy before I read Pucked Over. He was a player and party boy like everyone else. But we also got a glimpse of the real him when Miller was struggling to win Sunny back, and Randy would hang out with him instead of partying it up with Lance. I enjoyed the character development Helena accomplished in this book though. There is a lot more sustenance to him than the first impression hinted at. Did I agree with his reasons to avoid committed relationships? Hell no, but then I also haven’t lived his life, so who am I to judge anyone’s reasoning. I ended up loving Randy a lot more than i thought, he’s hilarious, sweet, and Jesus he’s hot in bed! *fans herself* My only question left, where can I find one like him?!

Cyndi: You know, I didn’t pay all that much attention to him before Pucked Up, but I did like him. He was a really decent friend to Buck and I loved that he got under Lily’s skin. As for during PO, well I love him. He is amazingly HOT *SHIVERS* (the bathroom scene at hotel in Guelph stands out to me). He doesn’t seem to have a judgmental bone in his bodyÔÇöI kept wondering if he would see Lily in a new light after realizing she was as financially strapped as she is, but even though he noticed things (her scuffed shoes)┬áhe didn’t focus on that. He was about her.

Loredana: I think Randy is still a good time party boy, but I like that he forced himself to dig a little deeper. There is some substance there. It was done very logically… his character development was logical and fitting with the man he is. I didn’t think he was this much of a horn ball in the other two books, but I should have guessed (come on… he’s Helena’s brain child).

2. How do we feel about Lily? Did she blossom like a flower, is she an angry, ball-busting b*tch, or does she fall somewhere in between?

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Cyndi: Lily was drastically different from what┬áI thought of her in Pucked Up. I know she was trying to do what she though was best for Sunny, but I thought she was manipulative, which just pissed me off. She definitely blossomed as a character in PO and I really got her. I think it was that I now understood what motivates her. I don’t see the “ball breaker” in her, not with Randy. If she is in the future, it’s probably more in “fun”. <wink wink>

Loredana: BLOSSOM! She’s got quite the temper (as evidenced by the underwear writing… not a spoiler… we heard about this in Buck’s book). I didn’t think I would like her. At all. She’s got way more depth to her than I would have thought. The best part is that she’s a complement to the other femalesÔÇöphysically, emotionally, and personality-wise. I feel like Helena is telling us it takes all types and you can find beauty in all shapes and sizes. And, she’s a crazy kinky girl.

Anja: I agree with you on this one, Loredana. She definitely blossomed. I honestly disliked her in Pucked Up. She was a bi*tch to Miller, and quite judgmental for a bit. BUT, I ended up LOVING her! She has this inner strength to her, but at the same time she’s also vulnerable and insecure. I also agree that she complements the others perfectly. Vi is the crazy one, while Sunny is the quiet, awkward one. Having Lily’s sarcasm and snark in there only makes them more entertaining in a group.

3. Share some thoughts on how they are as a couple and why you like (or don’t like) them together…

Cyndi: The dynamic between them is intense and I love them as a couple. I don’t see them taking the standard love, marriage, babies path. I could totally see them as the cool aunt and uncle and being the kind of couple that travels and has furr babies. I just don’t get that┬á”settling down” feel from them.

Loredana: I thought they were cute together, but I felt like she put up with too much. She’s not a casual girl and yet she tried to fit the bill because of the ex-douche. But, that’s the crux of the issue. I think Lily did a great job of making the beast want to be domesticated (he’s not tamed, nor should he be).

Anja: I loved them together. But I’m not sure I agree with you on the “putting up with too much” part, L. I know what you mean, but I think she didn’t realize that she couldn’t do the casual thing until it was too late. While they lived in two different countries and only saw one another every once in a while, it was easy for her to ignore her feelings. Only once they spend a longer amount of time together did she realize what was going on. And I liked that it was Lily who realized she couldn’t keep doing this anymore and broke it off. I think being with Randy made her find herselfÔÇöher inner strength to break something that was unhealthy off before it could hurt her even more, unlike her relationship with the ex. Further, I have to say I enjoyed the fact that this couple was so different from the other couples we’ve read before.

4. What surprised you the most in this book?

Cyndi: Sorry, can’t name just one thing, but I’ll be brief. I’m surprised that I connected with Lily so much. She has a lot of pride and she won’t be a doormat. ┬áI really understood how at times she felt so out of place. I do worry about her though.
The other big surprise was LanceÔÇöWhen he gently reminds Randy to check his messages it felt like he was showing his true colors. He didn’t want Randy fucking things up and he knew if there was anything from Lily, that would act as his conscience to tread lightly with the Puck bunnies.

Loredana: Surprisingly, it wasn’t about Lily and Randy. It was Violet. I felt like her verbal vomit, panic, and hives are at a new level. It seems to be usurping a bit of her personality. I worry about her.SSUCv3H4sIAAAAAAAEAJ2QzQrDIBCE74W+g3j2UOitrxJ62OgSlpoIuqaUkHePv+C5N+ebHdfxuN+EkDME0vIljqySJmtjYA9Mbkv4oRpHQ+w8gc0ws7M4MjBwDBjyFQ1pYFzSbIUt3/dMVYtuFDMlkiWlGliIc2EdnervZD28exVYcNO/8uChiEeLUItMdVR+vox+HavtZNANGqIhN7TcnQabA8/hZp0+1K1t33kBWD1OEHcBAAA=

Anja: Hm, the most surprising? That’s a hard one. Violet definitely was one. I can’t wait to finally find out how that situation ends. Other than that? I think the most surprising for me was the fact that I ended up LOVING Lily as much as I did. She sure was a lot more lovable than I expected.

5. #Pucked & #PuckedUp Throwbacks…Let’s give a few shout-outs to Violet, Alex, Miller, and Sunny. How was it to revisit them in this book?

Cyndi: I LOVE when the men are all of a sudden on the other side of things and they are so forgetful (Alex & Buck being so protective of Lily). Or maybe they recall all too well? Ah Vi, she’s that f*cking filter-less┬á & awesomesauce friend who makes life interesting. I need a Pucked re-read STAT!

Loredana: I love seeing them all again. They’re my friends 🙂 I feel bad for Violet, though. She’s become a bit manic in her panic. The upcoming wedding… there are some doubts brewing. Not because they aren’t solid, but because it’s too much pressure. I’m starting to hope they just elope! Buck keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. Sweet, sweet yeti-boy 🙂

Anja: Totally agree with you there, L. I definitely claimed them as my friends. I enjoyed seeing them all again. Especially Miller. He does get sweeter and sweeter. I loved that Miller continued to show the world his real self. He even tried to help Randy and Lance. He’s such a good man. And Vi, holy shit. I feel bad for her! At the same time, Alex needs to grow a f*cking backbone and put Vi first, stand up for her. I want them to elope too! Imagine the drama… 😉

6. Anything you need to get off your chest about the characters, plot line, or need a moment to #fangirl?

Loredana: Need to get this out there… I think Randy is the hottest. Buck the sweetest, and Alex is perfectly awkward and hot with a mushy center. Thank you, Helena, for picking Franggy for Randy. That’s how I pictured him the whole time. Oh, and the plot climax/blowup? FIT PERFECTLY!!

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Anja: Exactly! I love how the boys, and girls, are all so different, but hot in their own right. I was afraid everyone will be the same character-wiseÔÇöwhich happens a lot with series lately. I’m sure glad that wasn’t the case with #PuckedOver. The climax wasn’t as big as I expected, but it made total sense. Not have to endure some major unnecessary drama only for the sake of it, was great. And I agree, Franggy was how I pictured Randy too. YUM! Definitely made for one hot mental picture.
I also liked that the story line was different from the previous two. It starting out as casual without unnecessary drama caused by social media. That was refreshing! I am impressed how Helena can give us a different story with unique characters every time, but without making them silly, or cheesy, but keeping her trademark crazy humor.
I CANNOT wait for Lance’s book. I have a feeling there is a lot more going on underneath all the player, man-whore attitude he portraits to the world.

Cyndi: Well hell, you girls nailed it, so I’ll just #FanGirl. Helena is simply… wait for it…. BRILLIANT. She had me with Clipped Wings, but then she went and gave us the “Pucked Series” and well… I think when I meet her, and I will some day, I will just bow down to her (maybe I’ll just do a curtsy). She’s got the writing chops you know and she’s in my top 5.

7. Favorite words and quotations (because we know #HelenaHunting wouldn’t let us down AND Violet is still in the mix).

Fur burger

The hairy muppet on my cooch

Naked Beaver Licks


“I bet a few orgasms’ll make you forget all about that dickface ex of yours. Want find out if I’m right?” ~ Randy

“Come on, ladies, let’s drink too much and share jizz stories.” ~Violet

“Did you let Balls ball you?” ~Violet

“And there it is. The reason for Magnums” ~Lily

“This is like the game of Clue, but about Randy’s penis.” ~Sunny

“I see through you like watery jizz.” ~Violet

“Me and my dick are tight. We had a very serious conversation.” ~Randy

“Look at him! He’s so happy to see me, grinning like a fool.” ~Lily (about Randy’s dick)

HeÔÇÖs like a snake charmer, except itÔÇÖs orgasms heÔÇÖs charming out of me rather than reptiles.” ~Lily

Randy nuzzles my neck, and my clit lights up like itÔÇÖs the Jumbotron flashing a winning score. ~Lily

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NYT and USA Today Bestselling author, Helena Hunting lives outside of Toronto with her amazing family and her two awesome cats, who think the best place to sleep is her keyboard. Helena writes everything from contemporary romance with all the feels to romantic comedies that will have you laughing until you cry.


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