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So far I’ve received three Owlcrate boxes and each of them was a winner for me. Needless to say, I was excited for the January box. As fate would have it, it arrived on my birthday, which made the whole experience even cooler.

Again, the box didn’t disappoint.


The theme for January was ‘Magic’. And this is what the inside looked like.


Obviously anything Harry Potter themed already has my vote. My day was definitely made.

First thing I’ve unpacked was the Harry Potter Funko Pop. Five different figures have been sent out by Owlcrate. I got Dumledore. I love the Funko stuff so I’m really excited about this figure and it has already found it’s place on the shelf with the movies and books.

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Next was a really beautiful bookmark designed by Evie Bookish. I’m a sucker for bookmarks and have started collecting them. You can never have enough and this is definitely one of my favorites already.

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Next up, was a colorful and unique art work, again designed by Evie Bookish. Though I haven’t read the book it quotes, I really love the style of it as well as the quote. It’s one of those quotes that stays with you.

But the awesome surprises included in this month’s box didn’t stop there. Next thing I pulled out was this lip balm by Geek Fire Labs. Not only is the packaging Harry Potter themed and the flavor chocolate mint, but it is also made out of natural ingredient. No chemicals, no artificial stuff. What’s not to love about it?

Then, there also was a discount code for an ebook. “A Knot in the Grain” by Robin McKinley. I haven’t really looked at it all that much just yet, so am not sure if I’ll be downloading it or not.


Let’s not forget the main item though – the book. This month’s book is “Worlds of Ink and Shadow” by Lena Coakley. I’m excited about this book for so many reasons. For one, I really adore this cover. But even more importantly, the story is so promising. It’s about the Bronte siblings and I’m fascinated by anything written about them or by them.

Charlotte, Branwell, Emily, and Anne. The Bront├½ siblings have always been inseparable. After all, nothing can bond four siblings quite like life in an isolated parsonage out on the moors. Their vivid imaginations lend them escape from their strict upbringing, actually transporting them into their created worlds: the glittering Verdopolis and the romantic and melancholy Gondal. But at what price? As Branwell begins to slip into madness and the sisters feel their real lives slipping away, they must weigh the cost of their powerful imaginations, even as their charactersÔÇöthe brooding Rogue and dashing Duke of ZamornaÔÇörefuse to let them go.

Gorgeously written and based on the Bront├½sÔÇÖ juvenilia, Worlds of Ink & Shadow brings to life one of historyÔÇÖs most celebrated literary families.


A really cute idea is the paper doll kit. It takes me right back to my childhood when I used to make them with my mom and play with them. It’s unique and quirky. I love it. Same goes for the letter written by the author and included in the box.


The January box was again filled with lovely surprises that I’m thrilled with. It’s easy to tell that those boxes are packed with love for the product.




~Review by Paula


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