Ready To Rock: A Rock Star Romance (Save the Date Bk 0) by Cara Connelly #BlogTour #Review #Giveaway @cara_connelly @Barclay_PR

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Ready To Rock: A Rock Star Romance (Save the Date Bk 0) by Cara Connelly #BlogTour #Review  #Giveaway @cara_connelly @Barclay_PR

Ready To Rock: A Rock Star Romance (Save the Date Bk 0) by Cara Connelly #BlogTour #Review  #Giveaway @cara_connelly @Barclay_PRReady To Rock: A Rock Star Romance by Cara Connelly
on December 1st, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


His name is on everyone's lips--sexy rock star Jack McCabe

Jack's gritty New York City band is red hot, almost as hot as his fiery romance with college student Lil Marchone, the girl from his past, now the woman he loves.

The problem is, Lil's controlling ex wants her back. Rich, powerful, and ruthless, he'll stop at nothing--including murder--to get Jack out of her life.

But Jack's a badass himself, always up for a fight. And with the stakes this high, he'll risk everything for Lil, even his band. Even his life.

Readers of Cara ConnellyÔÇÖs Save the Date series met Jack and Lil McCabe in The Wedding Favor.┬á Go back in time and experience Jack and LilÔÇÖs original love story, with a hefty dose of romance and suspense.┬á Ready to Rock, is ConnellyÔÇÖs first indie title. Ready to Rock won RWAÔÇÖs Golden Heart award (under the title The Sinners), and the Valley Forge Romance WriterÔÇÖs Sheila Award (also under The Sinners).

**5 Stars**

Ready to Rock is one surprising ÔÇ£rockerÔÇØ read. It’s also the first book from Cara Connelly that IÔÇÖve read and I absolutely loved it. I will be reading more by her for certain.

So there are multiple reasons that I found this read surprising. We have a girl Lil Marchone, stumbling upon a hero from her past and re-connecting to him in an instant.But this isnÔÇÖt a simple romance involving a much sought after entertainer. Jack McCabe’s demands go much deeper than that – its not a sacrifice to change and when he’s committed, he is all in. There is ton of action with lots of secondary characters who represent the best in people and the worst in people. The story is rich with an interesting and twisty plot and even more interesting and twisty characters.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about it is that although one of our main characters is a singer in a rock band, heÔÇÖs a reluctant ÔÇ£starÔÇØ, and this plays into the story line in an unexpected way. Jack McCabe or Mac is all about singing but he likes keeping it contained to New York City. He has good reason to stay put as heÔÇÖs the caretaker of his young cousin, Wyatt. Jack also likes the diversity of maintaining a day job. This alone tells us a lot about his character. HeÔÇÖs a stand-up kinda guy. His motivation to stay local is furthered by reconnecting with Lil Marchone, and really the story is centered around her. ItÔÇÖs LilÔÇÖs POV that we are privy to in this story. The two are fated to be in each other’s life and a friends to something more is just so complicated by LilÔÇÖs family and also current boyfriend, Claud.

Lil can be a bit frustrating, but she is our heroine and she is easy to root for if she would just make informed decisions her life might be easier.There’s lots of good drama due to LilÔÇÖs tragic past and desire to be a part of JackÔÇÖs life. Her challenge is to reconcile gratitude versus obligation and her age and naivety is concerning and causes problems. When she realizes just how blind sheÔÇÖs been, well itÔÇÖs too late.

I loved the way the story built up and became a suspense read. I was expecting groupie drama and a male lead that I might hem and haw about, but Jack won me from the start. Connelly packs a lot into the 370 pages that make this story. She skillfully gives us just enough info on the characters that we can draw an accurate impression of them, especially Jack. I loved the chemistry Jack and Lil had, the artistic connection, and the loyalty they built.

~Review by Cyndi

5 stars and recommendation!


Learn about CaraÔÇÖs Save the Date series

Cara ConnellyCara Connelly is the author of the Save the Date series of contemporary romances published by Avon Romance. The latest book in the series, The Wedding Gift, was released in May 2015. CaraÔÇÖs smart and sexy stories have won several awards, including the Romance Writers of AmericaÔÇÖs Golden Heart, the Valley Forge Romance WritersÔÇÖ Sheila, and the Music City Romance WritersÔÇÖ Melody of Love. A former attorney and law professor, she lives with her husband Billy in the woods of upstate New York.


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