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Pucked Up (Pucked #2) by Helena Hunting #BuddyRead #Review #Pucked #OUAP @HelenaHuntingPUCKED Up by Helena Hunting
Series: Pucked #2
on October 25th, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Miller ÔÇ£BuckÔÇØ Butterson has been banging his way through life ever since a puck to the face fixed his messed up front teeth. After five years in the NHL, deflecting goals on the ice and scoring them with puck bunnies, Miller has decided heÔÇÖs ready for a girlfriend. A real, non-bunny girlfriend to take on dates, and not jump into bed with after five seconds of conversation.

Miller thinks heÔÇÖs found that woman in his teammateÔÇÖs sister. Except, unlike team captain and all-around nice guy Alex WatersÔÇöwho happens to date his stepsister, MillerÔÇÖs media reputation as a manwhore is well earned. Beyond that minor detail, Miller doesnÔÇÖt know the first thing about relationships or the time and effort they require.

Miller learnsÔÇöeventuallyÔÇöthat if he wants to make Sunshine ÔÇ£SunnyÔÇØ Waters fall for him, he's going to have to do a whole lot more than show her his stick skills in the bedroom.

Whats better than reading a good book? Reading it with your awesome friends! Whats one step beyond that? Reading the sequel to an awesome book with those same awesome ladies! We got #PuckedUpagain. It was an invasion of the Yeti, and we found him to be pretty awesome. So much so that we realized we need more#yeti and #MillerTime in our lives. (Dont worry, Alex, we still love you, too!) Without further ado, we want to share with you some #yetilove!

What did we think about Buck and how is he different/the same from Pucked?

Loredana:┬áI LOVED how we got to know Buck. He really is a great guy… we got to peel back all the layers and see it now. A man-whore but a good guy. I thought he was more of a brute in book 1. He’s just rough around the edges with a tender heart of gold. It was interesting to see that the guy was the one with the broken heart… that is was the girl who was wrong. Usually the other way around.

Anja: I LOVED Buck! He’s this big teddy bear that you just want to cuddle. He comes across as this big brute, who’s not very deep, or smart. But come to find our, I was sorely mistaken. He’s not actually dumb. Granted, he’s not a genius, but he is smart,┬áhe just doesn’t show it. I┬álike how his sensitive and sweet side came out in Pucked Up. Also, I like how his personality is coming through loud and clear. Though, he was always very supportive of Vi, and protective, which I loved.

Cyndi: He’s definitely not the ass I expected him to be. No really, I was so surprised by how quickly I LOVED him. In Pucked, I thought he was just a smartass and way too self-absorbed. ┬áHere, I loved being in his head, I loved the way he thought, and the way he talked “I’mma…” He was more clever and witty and much more introspective than I EVER would have thought. What surprise me was how early in the story I was #TeamYeti.

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Was Sunny the character you expected, specifically based on what we knew of her in the first book?

Loredana: I didn’t remember her being such a hippy. Some of her reactions really ticked me off. She was quick to judge Buck. I know that there are past behavior patterns and an established reputation she must face ┬á(cough, cough man-whore cough, cough), but I feel like he’s more the one putting it all out there. ┬áCome on…the camping trip? Not cool 🙁

Anja: Honestly, I don’t remember her much in the first one. And not just because it’s been awhile, but because I feel like she wasn’t all that present. However, from what I remember, I thought she was more of an airhead. I was definitely pleasantly surprised that she wasn’t like that at all. However, I agree with Loredana, she sure pissed me off sometimes. I mean I get it, so Buck has a reputation to live down and is unfortunate, and sometimes stupid, to end up in compromising situation, but after all he did for her, some trust should have been established. And yes, the camping trip pissed me off too! I think a little more communication, and a little less jumping to conclusions would have helped both of them. That isn’t to say I hated Sunny. She was sweet and funny, and I do believe the perfect match for Buck! 🙂

Cyndi: Like Anja, she didn’t stick out to me in Pucked. When I read the premise, I did a “That’s right” … but still I only had a vague impression of her. I liked getting to know her, and honestly I think I cut her some slack because of her age. She seemed really, really naive, and I chalked that up to growing up in Guelph and her hippy-chick nature. She did push me though and like the two of you, I was angry with her. She was not treating Miller all that well (camping trip fiasco). When certain things come to pass, I loved that Miller took a stand and that she had to do some soul searching to make things right.

What did we like about Sunny and Buck?

Loredana: I think she’s really well-paired with Buck. Don’t they say opposites attract? They bring out the best in each other. I think he becomes a big ol’ softie around her and it’s super sweet.

Anja: I liked the two of them together. They complement each other well. While they definitely are different in many aspects, they were also similar in a lot of ways. Both say inappropriate things all the time. And I love how Buck is all sweet around her! lol (WLS)

Cyndi: I do love them together and a big part of that is that when it comes down to it, as individuals, there’s a certain simpleness about them. Neither of them like things that are over-complicated, and that’s why I think they struggle to take-off. Miller needs order to function effectively, and Sunny Sunshine keeps her life simple with school, yoga, and her volunteer work. I think ultimately they will provide that for each other.

What was your favorite part of the book?

Loredana: The hilarity and levity in the writing. SPIDER BITE! The other thing is I love how authentic Helena kept Violet. ┬áShe’s the same funny gal as in book 1.

Anja: Helena proving me wrong about Buck! The fact that he is this sweet guy who’s also smart, instead of this brute who thinks with nothing but his d**k. Also, the hilarity. Pucked Up was just as funny, if not more so, than Pucked and I love the humor. Yes, the spider bite was hilarious and had tears running down my face. (thank God I was not in public). I also loved to see Vi and Buck’s relationship and how Vi stands by his side, just like he did for her.

Cyndi: I LOVED the one liners, the banter, the wit, and I LOVED being in Miller’s head. Helena does a spectacular job writing the male mind, and I like that she kept it to Miller. Usually I like both POVs, but with Pucked Up it had to be just Millers perspective. He had a lot going on and it made it easier to “get” him.

What did you think about the other characters and story flow from Pucked to Pucked Up?

Loredana: For someone so sensitive, Alex sure sticks his foot in this one…I just felt a slight disconnect and it saddened me that I felt like I didn’t know Alex. I did love Randy Balls. He’s a good ┬águy. (I was about to say seed, but the visual was too much. Then I saw Violet dry humping the air…violent thrusts and all…BAHAHAHAHA!). Violet never changed. Dirty mouth, mind, and no filter!

Anja: Like Loredana is saying, Alex sure didn’t seem the same person as in Pucked. He was this over-protective asshole, not the sweet, and slightly awkward, guy we were used to. While I understand where he was coming from, I still hated this side of him, especially his hypocritical tendencies and prejudice towards Buck. I still wish we would have seen his other side too. However, I loved that we saw so much of Vi! Same old Vi hasn’t changed at all, and I loved it! lol With Randy, I have to say I’m not sure what I think of him yet. He was definitely intriguing and I’m curious. I guess I’ll have to wait for Pucked Over to know more about Randy Balls (This does still crack me up lol)

Cyndi: Yeah, Alex lost some points with me. He was over the top and unreasonable. But I loved that Violet struggled with Alex’s actions and if I loved her before, I loved her even more here. Randy is working his way in, so I hope we get more of him. Specifically more of him and Lily. It thrilled me to see her taken in by him and that was enough to make me like her more. Be happy to never hear about the smelly bad-breath Bushman or the too smug Benji. All the ‘rents are entertaining.

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Our favorite lines and phrases!

“I’mma keep my hypothesizing to myself” ┬á~ Miller

“I only turn on the yeti moon” ┬á~ Buck

“ItÔÇÖs incrawsome.ÔÇØ ┬á~ Sunny

“Your mouth is made of awesome” – Sunny

“ItÔÇÖs on like motherpucking Donkey Kong now.” ~ Buck

ÔÇ£Pfft. ItÔÇÖll happen, baby.ÔÇØ ~ Buck

“If there was a Masters in female orgasms, IÔÇÖd have one.” ┬á~Buck

“Well it’s been a few weeks. I know how Alex feels about all that stuff on the Twatter.” ~ Daisy

“We could dye it all to prove I’m right, but I think we should go purple so you look like a giant wine-dipped yeti.” ~Vi

“Helpers?” I have no idea what she’s talking about. It makes me think of little elves running around down there, rubbing her cl*t for her.” ~Buck

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