Break Me Down (Loving on the Edge #8.5) by Roni Loren #BlogTour #Review #Giveaway #Exerpt @RoniLoren

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Break Me Down (Loving on the Edge #8.5)  by Roni Loren #BlogTour #Review #Giveaway #Exerpt @RoniLorenBreak Me Down by Roni Loren
Series: Loving on the Edge #8.5
Published by InterMix on October 27th 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 172

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


The New York Times bestselling author of Call on Me invites you to discover the thrill of control as one couple wrestles for power in and out of the bedroom
Samantha Dunbar needs to forget Gibson Andrews. When he trained her to be a domme, she experienced just how hot things could get with the sexy executive. She was ready to hand him everythingÔÇöincluding her heart.
But Gibson backed away, declaring them incompatible. HeÔÇÖs a dominant, and SamÔÇÖs no submissive. But after an attack shakes Sam to her core, Gibson tracks her down at her familyÔÇÖs rundown farmhouse and makes her an offer. HeÔÇÖll stay the week and be hers in every wayÔÇöa helping hand for the renovation and a willing lover in her bed. He swore heÔÇÖd never give up control to anyone again, but he hasnÔÇÖt been able to touch another woman since Sam. Maybe a week alone with her will cure him of his relentless craving.
But one taste only makes them want more, and Sam and Gibson are drawn in deeper than ever. The man who wont give in has just met the girl who wont give up

Break Me Down is yet another novella by Roni Loren that showcases her amazing writing and storytelling and does a profound job of looking at the human spirit. At the heart of it is the question of trust, which is a big thing in the BD/sm lifestyle as depicted in her Loving On the Edge series.

It shouldnÔÇÖt be surprising that a story about BD/sm can go so deep into the human psyche and it’s not surprising to me at all that Roni Loren writes this story with such keen understanding and compassion. She shows two people, both utterly broken by their childhoods, who have embraced the BD/sm lifestyle as a way to overcome their pasts and quite possibly heal.

At the center is Sam Dunbar, trained as a Dom and enjoying the lifestyle. Well, she would be if she could just get Gibson to onboard. SamsÔÇÖ history is that of a woman who clearly needs to feel safe. The Dom nature in her is partly a reaction, a method to help her cope with feeling unworthy and alone.

Gibson Andrews has acted as her trainer and the two have a clear attraction to each other. This history put him in the unique position acting as a sub to her, which is something Gibs accepts himself ( as well as his Dom side), But only with many rules around it and Sam made him lose control.

Sam though, is exactly what he needs. As things play out, they end up in each other’s orbits for a short time, and so much happens to push them together. As sexy as the story is, itÔÇÖs really emotional as GibÔÇÖs tries to be what Sam needs. His anxiety is palpable and this absolutely tears him apart. Sam’s refusal to let Gibson go, to let him succumb to his fears, is one of my favorite moments in this story. She gives a very compelling argument to Gibbs about letting the monsters win versus allowing himself to feel and be who he wants to be.

Roni writes amazing erotic scenes – they are about her characters connecting, and not about the act. So although thereÔÇÖs A LOT of sexy in this story, itÔÇÖs Sam and Gibs reconciling who they are to each other and showing how much stronger they are together. 4 1/2 Stars and recommendation.

~Review by Cyndi


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The floors creaked as he made his way back to the front of the house. He examined the dining room with critical eyes. It looked like one small patch of floor was left. Sam had been close to done when heÔÇÖd interrupted last night. Yet another valid reason for her to be mad at him.

He squatted down and picked up the sanding machine. ItÔÇÖd been a while since heÔÇÖd tackled any home improvement projects. His position as head of PR at Vandergriff kept him too busy. But when heÔÇÖd first bought his house, it had been in pretty rough shape. HeÔÇÖd taken on weekend projects to get it how he wanted it. HeÔÇÖd learned a lot and messed up more. A handyman, he was not. But he understood the satisfaction Sam probably got from doing this herself. It could be cathartic.

ÔÇ£I donÔÇÖt suggest you turn that on unless you know what to do with it,ÔÇØ Sam said from behind him.

He turned around, finding her at the bottom of the stairs, raven hair damp and twisted into a messy bun atop her head. Face scrubbed clean. She looked so young standing there. He was used to seeing her with her dark eyeliner and hair done in some quirky way. But this version of her was just as breath-stealing. He held up the sander. ÔÇ£DonÔÇÖt turn it on unless I know what to do with it. ThereÔÇÖs a dirty joke in there.ÔÇØ

She smirked, some of that trademark attitude back, despite the lingering ghosts in her eyes. ÔÇ£So do you? Know what to do?ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£With a woman or home improvement equipment?ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£I already know you know what to do with a woman.ÔÇØ

He tilted his head. Flirty Sam. Yes. Yes, he liked this. ÔÇ£IÔÇÖm not quite as skilled with machinery, but I can hold my own. Why? Gonna put me to work to earn my keep?ÔÇØ

She walked forward, her beat-up Vans silent on the floors. ÔÇ£Hmm, now thereÔÇÖs an idea.ÔÇØ

The tone of her voice had slipped into a dangerous place, one he recognized. One his body recognized. ÔÇ£I donÔÇÖt mind helping.ÔÇØ

She tucked her hands in the back pockets of her jeans, her vintage No Doubt T-shirt stretching thin across her breasts as she considered him. ÔÇ£Is that right?ÔÇØ

He lost his focus for a moment just looking at her. Her shirt read Just A Girl, but that was far from the truth. She was so much more. A fucking mystery wrapped up in smarts and sex appeal and kink. HeÔÇÖd only gotten to touch her once, but he hadnÔÇÖt forgotten how those pert breasts had felt in his palms, how her body had responded to his touch, how it had seemed like the goddamned sun had come out when heÔÇÖd made her come. His blood rushed south at the memory, and he had to shift his stance to tamp down the reaction. How big of an asshole would he be, getting hard and horny the morning after Sam had been attacked? He cleared his throat. ÔÇ£Yeah, I can help with whatever you need.ÔÇØ

Her smile was quick, not too big, but enough to punch him in the gut. ÔÇ£Those are mighty vague terms, Gib. You should know how dangerous that is in negotiations. I could make you strip naked and clean the bathroom grout with a toothbrush while I sip iced tea and watch.ÔÇØ

He set down the sander and ran a hand over the back of his hair. SheÔÇÖd meant it as a joke. He tried to smile but managed only a tight grimace. Any image where he got on his knees for her pushed that forbidden button inside him. ÔÇ£Right.ÔÇØ

The silver ring in her eyebrow twitched up as if she knew exactly what heÔÇÖd been thinking. ÔÇ£Nah, never mind. I know how you can help. Leave.ÔÇØ

Author Bio:

Roni wrote her first romance novel at age fifteen when she discovered writing about boys was way easier than actually talking to them. Since then, her flirting skills havenÔÇÖt improved, but she likes to think her storytelling ability has.┬áThough sheÔÇÖll forever be a New Orleans girl at heart, she now lives in Dallas with her husband and son.

If sheÔÇÖs not working on her latest sexy story, you can find her reading, watching reality television, or indulging in her unhealthy addiction to rockstars, er, rock concerts. Yeah, that’s it. She is the National Bestselling Author of┬áThe Loving on the Edge┬áseries from Berkley Heat.

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