Where I Found My Heart by C.E. Hansen #Review #OUAP @CynthiaEHansen

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Where I Found My Heart by C.E. Hansen #Review #OUAP @CynthiaEHansen

Where I Found My Heart by C.E. Hansen #Review #OUAP @CynthiaEHansenWhere I Found My Heart by C.E. Hansen
Published by TomCinKat Publishing on October 21st 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 202
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Reny unable to face life head on, effectively shut out the world beyond her windows. Closing off anything that would remind her of her past - a smile, a laugh, a touch. She lived in a world of pain and sorrow, remaining safe in her cocoon, barely existing.

Libby was plagued by a desperate need to comfort Reny, needing to help her heal. Knowing without RenyÔÇÖs recovery, she herself would not find peace.

Mark was searching for someone, he didnt know who, but felt a strong need, a determination to keep lookinghe had to find her.
Three peoplethree worlds collide, leaving behind the true path to happiness. Maybe you just have to say goodbye before you can say hello

~Review by Cyndi

IÔÇÖve read all of CE HansenÔÇÖs books so I am familiar with her style writing in the romantic suspense sub-genre. ┬áWhere I Found My heart is a bit of a departure. Where I Found My Heart is firmly a contemporary romance story, delivered to us as a novella and skillfully plotted to include a wallop of emotions. ┬áItÔÇÖs a thoughtful look at one womanÔÇÖs struggle to move forward and to embrace the support system sheÔÇÖs been offered, one she so desperately needs.

Reny McAdams is a woman broken by life. Once┬áshe was┬áa woman content and happy in her simple sweet life, and then Poof, itÔÇÖs gone.┬á To capture the intensity of┬áthis change the story moves between the present and the past. The author deserves ┬áhuge kudos for making these transitions easy to follow. The story unfolds in such a beautiful manner and ┬áin the first few pages we get a clear picture of RenyÔÇÖs emotional state as sheÔÇÖs describing what is clearly an existence, one frightfully close to that of a person trying to disappear altogether. I found myself so captivated by the state Reny is in, both afraid and eager to understand her fractured soul, and my heart broke for her more than once.

Early on we are also introduced to Libby, who seems to be the one person Reny will contemplate opening her door for. ┬áWhile she starts to take some big steps, in her fragile state itÔÇÖs so much easier to allow herself to backslide into melancholy. As a woman and wife connecting with Reny was really natural and it prompted me to consider what my own reactions might be.

When Reny meets Mark, we learn how stubborn and snarky she can be. ItÔÇÖs not always attractive, but it feels like a very genuine response for her. There are some very poignant moments between them as they find common ground and through each other, a path forward. When Mark shares his memory of his initial reaction to Reny, itÔÇÖs exactly the cathartic moment Reny needs:

ÔÇ£What happened?ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£Something inside me told me I needed to find you.ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£What? What something told you to find me? What are you talking about?ÔÇØ

I felt a chill run down the length of me.

ÔÇ£Something inside me said it was time.ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£You know how crazy this all sounds?ÔÇØ My tears slowly built and I sat there totally dumbfounded.

ÔÇ£I do, but then when I saw you in the supermarket that day. I knew. I knew right away.ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£You knew what?ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£I knew I had found you.ÔÇØ

I got another chill.

Where I Found My Heart is an emotional read about grief and recovery. ThereÔÇÖs something in this story that is recognizable to everyone ~┬á as itÔÇÖs a part of the human condition.┬á As Reny makes her way from her simply existence to finding a renewed sense of purpose, there is shift in the feel of the story from solemn to a story about healing and hope. The story is one that has stayed with me and I am happy to recommend.

~ Review by Loredana

This is a beautifully tragic tale about a woman who comes back from the brink of horror and loss.┬á While the title is Where I Found My Heart, I feel as though the true story is about how Reny found more than just her heart.┬á She found herself. ┬áThis novella was heart wrenching with┬á hits that┬ájust┬ákept coming.┬á The sorrow is palpable (C.E. Hansen does that good of a job to get you emotionally invested so quickly). ┬áSome of the aspects I appreciated the most about this book are the relationship between Reny and Libby, RenyÔÇÖs journey back to herself and how Reny and MarkÔÇÖs paths intersect.

The relationship between Libby and Reny is very touching.┬á When someone experiences tragedy, there are no magic words to heal the pain.┬á There is truly nothing that can be said or done to diminish what has happened.┬á However, what can be done is show a depth of concern by being thereÔǪno matter what.┬á Libby was dealing with her own fair share of pain, but she never abandoned Reny.┬á She never left her in the darkness.┬á In Reny finding some modicum of peace, so would Libby.

As for RenyÔÇÖs journey, recovering from tragedy comes in so many stages.┬á They cannot be rushed.┬á Often times, if you forget there are stages or forget life is worth living your healing will stagnate.┬á I think this is the tale of Reny.┬á She was stuck, and she didnÔÇÖt want to get unstuck.┬á┬á┬á Yet, as she allowed life to filter back in just a smidge, she saw there was beauty and life in the world as well as within herself.┬á She will always bear the scars of pain, but they help to create a new Reny moving forward.

RenyÔÇÖs path intersecting with MarkÔÇÖs is the not the answer to RenyÔÇÖs healing.┬á I believe it is a sign of how much Reny has managed to move forward and embrace life again.┬á They are mutual rays of light to each other, a new support system.┬á Mark may have progressed further down his respective path than Reny, but I believe he serves as a beacon of hope.

This story broke my heart so many times, but I was left with a sense of peace and hope at the end.┬á The take away from this novella is that you canÔÇÖt let life break you; there will always be beauty and light in the world and in you.

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About The Author

C.E. Hansen is an American writer. She also writes under the pseudonyms C.E. O’Brien for her young adult series, Hero. The first installment UNLIKELY HERO is available on Amazon.

C.E. wrote her first romance novel at age fourteen when she discovered writing about boys and girls was way easier than actually having a relationship of her own. Since that time, her communication skills haven’t improved, but she likes to think her writing has. After earning an associates degree in literature from WC, she worked in a bus company, a law office and a wine/gourmet food shoppe, but she never abandoned writing.

She’s a proud mother of a beautiful daughter, lives in New Jersey with her husband and Maltese Zoe, and if she’s not working on her latest sexy story, you can find her reading, watching cable television, or indulging in her unhealthy addiction to chocolate.

C.E. is the author of four Romantic Suspense novels and one super sweet novella

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