The Genius And The Muse by Elizabeth Hunter #romance #contemporary #ouap @E__Hunter

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The Genius And The Muse by Elizabeth Hunter #romance #contemporary #ouap @E__HunterThe Genius and the Muse by Elizabeth Hunter
Published by Smashwords Edition Genres: Contemporary Romance
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For Kate Mitchell, finishing her master's thesis on reclusive photographer Reed O'Connor was just another item to check off her list. She knew exactly what she was doing. Or does she?

There's just one portrait that doesn't fit. One portrait... and the passion she senses behind it. Finding the story behind O'Connor's picture becomes Kate's obsession, and the people she meets will challenge everything she thought she knew about life, love, and inspiration.

A single picture can tell more than one story, and in the end, Kate discovers that every real love story is a unique work of art.

***6 Stars***

I’ve read “The Genius And The Muse” by Elizabeth Hunter for the first time nearly three years ago and it stuck with me ever since.
So I decided to reread it and even the second time around the story sucked me in with its beautiful writing style, a perfectly woven tale of love, forgiveness and new beginnings.

It’s one of those books that’s subtle and low-key in its plot, yet extremely artistic, poetic and full of beautiful symbolism.
It’s filled with hidden messages and life lessons, but most of all it’s the story of true, all-encompassing love.

“The Genius And The Muse” does what a good friend, a cup of tea or a beautiful sunset manage to do – it makes me feel peaceful and content. It doesn’t need any drama overload, instead focuses on the good and bad time a love might be forced to face.
The wonderful thing is that we get to experience two love stories as Kate, a photography grad student gets drawn in by a picture taken by her idol Reed O’Conner.
One picture leads to another and suddenly she is faced with more questions than she has answers for.
Questions about Reed’s relationship with Sam Rhodes, a talented painter.
As Kate researches the extraordinary relationship closer, she meets a group of artists – a tight-knit circle of friends that includes Sam and Reed.
One of those artists is Javier Lugo, a grumpy sculptor.
While Kate finds out more and more things about Sam and Reed – things that break her heart – she also begins to break through Javi’s armor.
Without even noticing, she not only changes the course of Sam’s and Reed’s future, but also falls in love with a man she never would have expected to be such a perfect match for her.

The character – and I mean all the characters – were truly extraordinary with the most beautiful, vibrant and likable personalities. They instantly became dear to my heart.
They are normal people in a normal world. Their thoughts, their feelings and their battles were relatable, so much that I swooned, cried and held my breath.

Kate is freaking amazing. She’s strong, opinionated and quirky. She’s wiser than her age, but also still carries her youthful idealism. She’s funny and her immediate acceptance of Javi and the lack of prejudice toward his exterior or his past, immediately made me like her. Add her wit, creativity and passion coupled with her stubbornness and you have a pretty awesome woman.

Thankfully, Javi recognizes this really fast. I fell so hard for Javi. His brooding, reclusive and often rude behavior drew me in. It’s not just a thing he hides behind. That’s who he is – brutally honest with lacking patience for social protocol. But when he cares about someone, it’s with ferocity and unyielding loyalty. He’s not the typical book boyfriend, but to me, he’s one of the best there were, are and ever will be. He’s pure perfection.

So are Sam and Reed. They are great as individuals, but as a couple they are something truly special.
They are both energetic and artistic and can both have quite an attitude about them. But they both love so deeply, so irrevocably, I could feel it down to the essence of my being.
Though they make mistakes, they are able to forgive and move on.

This book evokes so many emotions. Despite a tragedy and hurt feelings, it’s a feel-good type of book. A book that makes you believe in ever-lasting love.

One more thing needs to be said though. The sex scenes in this book are hot, erotic and really passionate. That is a real accomplishment considering they aren’t explicit in the least.
Elizabeth Hunter has an uncanny ability to write the most classy, yet scorching hot sex scenes.

6 Javi-will-always-be-mine stars.

~Review by Paula


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