Teacher: The Final Act (A Hollywood Rock n’ Romance Trilogy #3) by R.L. Merrill #Review #OUAP @rlmerrillauthor

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Teacher: The Final Act (A Hollywood Rock n’ Romance Trilogy #3)  by R.L. Merrill #Review #OUAP @rlmerrillauthorTeacher Genres: Contemporary Romance
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In Teacher, Jesse Martin gets sucked into the vortex that is the life of Danny Black, rock god and lead singer of the metal powerhouse, Blackened. She thought she was just taking a home instructor position for the summer, but things got complicated quickly as she and Danny fell madly in love. In Act Two, the lovers maneuvered the tricky path from dating to living together, with pitfalls at every turn.

At the end of Act Two, we left our lovers on a dark precipice. JesseÔÇÖs doubts and the chaos of DannyÔÇÖs life threatened to tear them apart. Instead, they are now closer than ever and ready to take that next step.

But nothing will ever be easy for our teacher and her rock god, including planning the perfect wedding. A jilted colleague from DannyÔÇÖs past, a desperate ex, a potentially fatal tragedy, a remodel, a parent-teacher conference, illness, a drag queen, and many many more obstacles are piled in their path. Will Jesse and Danny ever find their happily ever after or will they forever be as those famous doomed lovers, kept apart by circumstances beyond their control?

FOR READERS 18+ Due to language, incredibly steamy sexual situations, and continued hijinks by the hairy, perverted neighbors! (less)

With the promise of more rock-n-romance from RL Merrill, Teacher: The Final Act, closes out the ÔÇ£Teacher TrilogyÔÇØ. This one, quiet frankly left me with a bit of a book hangover. The series covers about a year on the life of Jesse Martin and Danny Black, from their introduction as Student and Teacher. The story is a fast paced read as Jesse and Danny facing the challenges that come with finally settling into their relationship. Teacher: The Final Act has a lot more action than the first two books, with every character in the series experiencing highs and lows in life. There are some distinct personality shifts that change up the dynamics at casa Black.

Following an amazingly fun prologue, guest starring Nikki Sixx (including props of feathers and body paint), the storyline continues where Teacher: Act Two left off; Jesse questioning her role in DannyÔÇÖs life. But she has a reckoning of sorts and from that first chapter JesseÔÇÖs starting to sound a bit more like the Jesse we met in Teacher: Act One, confident and grounded. DannyÔÇÖs lifestyle often leaves her overwhelmed but IÔÇÖll be damned if she doesnÔÇÖt finally get it through her head and heart that these things just come with being with Danny. She also shines as she faces some scary moments and in this, her strength and faith in Danny and their relationship is revived.

Danny, while busier with the band and the demands that come from touring and an album release, has also become more impulsive and needy. HeÔÇÖs a bit older than Jesse and has always seemed more mature and confident to me. But he makes a few bad calls (okay, out and out bad decisions) that interestingly enough make him question himself and his worth with Jesse, if keeping her in his life is safe for her. These moments had me cringing and a bit angry with him, but Danny is utterly loveable and as soon as the words are out of his mouth, the ones where you want to throw your reader against a wall, you can feel him scrambling to try to take it back. His behavior around his daughter Jane, now living with him full time, shows Danny loosening up showing an amazingly playful side.

By the end of the story, weÔÇÖve been with Jesse and Danny ( and Jane, Nora, Patricia, and Cosmo) for close to a year. The author did a really amazing job plotting the entire story out, getting a flow going and connecting all the dots. Once again, RL Merrill ÔÇÿs writing style makes for an easy read; itÔÇÖs descriptive and the dialogue is clear and thoughtful. Her characters are ones you really want to continue to get to know. She leads them down a few paths that might appear to be going one wayÔǪwhen things get sometimes hilariously twisted and sometimes frightening.

ItÔÇÖs rare that the final book in a series is my favorite, but Teacher: The Final Act is just that~My Favorite

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