Teacher: Act Two (A Hollywood Rock n’ Romance Trilogy #2) by R.L. Merrill #Review #OUAP @rlmerrillauthor

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Teacher: Act Two (A Hollywood Rock n’ Romance Trilogy #2)  by R.L. Merrill #Review #OUAP @rlmerrillauthorTeacher: Act Two by R.L. Merrill
Published by Celia Bay Publications Genres: Contemporary Romance
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In Teacher, Jesse Martin and Danny Black find a love that neither of them ever thought possible under the most unusual circumstances. Many obstacles stood in the way of their budding romance, including their student-teacher relationship, an unstable ex-wife, and the question of whether DannyÔÇÖs voice would ever be rock-ready again.
But when DannyÔÇÖs 12 year-old daughter Jane removes the most important obstacle by giving them her blessing, it's time to celebrate.

The Second Act finds these two lovers navigating a fresh relationship with new roles and expectations. Together they share new experiences that bring them closer, and really bring on the heat. Danny works at chipping away the wall Jesse has built to protect herself and she tries to keep him grounded as Blackened heads to the studio to record their masterpiece. Then life places new obstacles in the way of our adoring couple. JesseÔÇÖs health takes a turn for the worse, Danny scrambles to finish school, and a meddling mom sticks her nose in where it doesnÔÇÖt belong making Jesse question, once again, whether or not sheÔÇÖll ever fit into DannyÔÇÖs world. A whirlwind turn of events brings them closer, then threatens to tear them apart.

Will their new love survive the insanity that is DannyÔÇÖs life? Will Jesse fight to keep her new family together? Will Cosmo accept that Sunday Shower Day is detrimental to his love life? These questions and more will be explored in Teacher: The Second Act.


If I loved and connected with the characters in R.L. MerrillsÔÇÖ Teacher – A Hollywood RockinÔÇÖ Romance Trilogy Part One, the feeling quadrupled in Teacher: Act Two. The story picks up where Teacher left us hanging (yes, its trilogy so expect some cliff hangers. But they are well timed to the storyline. In TA2 Jesse and Danny are now in the midst of Danny’s daughter Jane moving in with him full-time, Jesse navigating her feelings and trying to rectify what she thinks is ÔÇ£rightÔÇØ versus what makes sense, and Danny attempting to get back to music.

Again we get the story through JesseÔÇÖs POV only this time it’s with her poor blood-shot eyes. Boy, did I feel for Jesse. SheÔÇÖs kinda a hot mess, but the kind where her sensibilities and logical nature are the cause. SheÔÇÖs unselfish and yet sheÔÇÖs not, which is the biggest conundrum I have with her. SheÔÇÖs putting up a fight, what she believes is for the greater good, but sheÔÇÖs got on a pair of scratched up rose colored glasses and is not in the best place for making decisions. IÔÇÖll give her this, I think she knows it but she doesn’t plea her case very clearly.

Naturally the mere aspect of their jobs leaves a huge gap in their lifestyles. Combine that with the difference in their ages, and the canyon that divides them completely understandable. But relationships are all about bridging those gaps. The problem is, Jesse fights it and she fights it at the worst time creating a cycle of physical and emotional upheaval making herself more vulnerable all the way around. She just canÔÇÖt seem to get in front of it, to find stable footing. This impacts their relationship and follows her even when she thinks she may be past it. Her actions and reactions are completely plausible even if a bit frustrating.

And Danny boy – well, he stays the course while his frustrations pile up. Lordy do I love this manÔÇÖs tenacity. For all the trials and tribulations heÔÇÖs been through, he knows what he feels, what he has and what he wants. He never wavers and I absolutely adore this quality. About some of DannyÔÇÖs qualities…

Ms Merrill turned up the heat in this installment. Perhaps it’s partly DannyÔÇÖs incessant devotion and the increase in comfort levels with each other. Whatever it is, my commendations. There are a few notable scenes, errr, positions that are not often referred to in erotic romance and with JesseÔÇÖs training as a dancer, thereÔÇÖs some flexibility for the author to creatively write this into these scenes.

I think I may have to end EVERY review I write for R.L. MerrillÔÇÖs books pointing out her descriptive writing style and the development of her characters. Even the less seen secondary characters are easy to place, easy to understand who and what they are to the story. So, once again my fandom is substantiated. The final book should be out over the summer – we can only hope its sooner rather than later!

~Review by Cyndi

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