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All I Want  by Jill Shalvis #Review #OUAP @JillShalvisAll I Want: Animal Magnetism Book 7 by Jill Shalvis
Series: Animal Magnetism
Published by Headline Eternal on October 6th 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 304

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The seventh in the sexy, heartwarming Animal Magnetism series from the New York Times bestselling author of the Lucky Harbor series. Fans of Bella Andre, Robyn Carr and Rachel Gibson will adore these romances with Jill's irresistible combination of humour and romance.
Want more sexy, fun romance? Return to Sunshine, Idaho for more of the captivating Animal Magnetism series, or visit spellbinding Lucky Harbor in Jill's bestselling series.

Cyndi and Loredana back here rocking the buddy read…#BRBesties. ┬áThis time we picked up┬áAll I Want by Jill Shalvis. ┬áIt’s part of the Animal Magnetism┬áseries. ┬áWe get to meet Zoe and Parker. ┬áThey think they’re so wrong for each other, yet they’re so right. And, it all started with a little kiss.

Let’s chat a bit about Zoe… Cyndi: I really loved Zoe and Parker. ┬áAs to Zoe, she’s a straight shooter for sure ~ and I really loved her idiosyncrasies. ┬áShe’s snarky and her self deprecating humor makes her relatable. I found it interesting that her siblings see her pretty much as the glue that kept them together, and sane. She provides them the much needed stability that their parents don’t offer. ┬áAnd the way she pants after Parker had me giggling (hence the above normal Tweets). One quote I missed out on sharing feels like it’s a perfect mantra while looking at man-candy: ┬á

“Good sweet baby Jesus…” ~ Says Zoe as she marvels┬áon Parker’s goods when she “accidentally” walks in on him in the shower.

Loredana:┬áI found Zoe to be a bit prickly. ┬áDon’t get me wrong…based on the backstory provided by Wyatt (her brother), it’s truly understandable. ┬áIt was just that much harder for me to fall into her. ┬áHowever, it made it that much more fun to watch Parker chip away at her brick wall. ┬áI do love that she’s a pilot. ┬áI can’t help but admire a strong female character, even if she’s a bit broken. So what about Parker? Cyndi: Glad you asked (tee hee) . ┬áParker, Parker, Parker… he is simply dazzling. I think I was panting over him just as much as Zoe was. He’s an interesting character , with his family issues and his focus on work. Its almost like he doesn’t think he deserves a the kind of love that it takes to say your in a relationship. He had the 3 W’s rule which added some perspective to his “live in the moment” stance ( No wishing, wondering or worrying). ┬áThat suites his rogue tendencies. ┬áBut if I ┬áwere Zoe, I think I would guard my heart as she attempts to. Loredana:┬áI REALLY like Parker. ┬áI love how he fixes her house on the down low. ┬áSo stinkin’ cute. ┬áHe’s a stand-up, honorable guy. ┬áA bit work-obsessed, but he has such an amazing relationship with his sister. ┬áSome of the things he did we straight-up crazy, but when your job is you life…I guess that happens. ┬áI was kind of sad for him since he really defined himself in a one-dimensional way – he was his job. ┬áMaybe he needed a little Sunshine (haha, they were in Sunshine, ID) in his life to shed some light on what was missing. AIWTWEET1

Our thoughts on the writing, character development and plot…

Loredana:┬áThe story was good but I felt like something was missing with Zoe. Maybe I have to read the other books to get the full picture. ┬áI felt like Parker was more “alive”. ┬áI wanted to like the plot more but I felt it was just missing something. ┬áJill Shalvis still did a bang up job with her writing.

Cyndi:┬á┬áAll I Want can be read as a standalone, but┬áI wonder if ┬áI had read at least a few other books in the series, that I might have a clearer picture of Zoe. ┬áI don’t think we got enough of the backstory on the boyfriend that burned her and I couldn’t get a take on what she wanted in life. She seemed driven but maybe she was just in a funk? ┬áParker was interesting, with his family issues and his focus on work. Chasing the bad guys tends to show a characters’ value system and when we are in his head, he’s constantly in analysis mode – but in a way that’s sensible. I agree Loredana, ┬áJill’s writing is stellar and she really excels with her the dialogue and ┬áher characters’ quirks.

What was your favorite thing about the book?

Loredana:┬áWell, dang…I think you nailed it, Cyndi. ┬áThe shower scene was pretty awesome. ┬áSeriously, though, I loved that Parker was a perfect dichotomy. ┬áHe was open and yet so closed. ┬áHe was sweet and then demanding. ┬áA really great blend of a character…the boy next door who grew up to be an awesome man. ┬áHe was the highlight of the book for me! ┬áOh, and Darcy…she’s a riot!!

Cyndi: I absolutely loved their banter. I have so many highlights from their quipy conversations. I’m picking a few of those to include here, but really the whole book is filled with these moments. There was a distinct pull between them from the start ┬áand a comfort level that allowed them to get attempt a friendship. It wasn’t insta-love, but as Parker suggest…it’s something perhaps more┬áprimal and just another component in a relationship.

┬á”No overnight shenanigans,” she said. He waited for her to smile indicating she was kidding, but she didn’t. “Understood,” he said. ‘Though it’s a damn shame given our smokin’ chemistry.”

The way they teased was clearly a method of foreplay. Not all characters come through that way.  I think Jill did an excellent job creating a balance between them. His  humor is dry and flirty, and hers  is formed from her somewhat surprising naivete and that biting sarcasm.

“What are you looking for?” he asked as she typed. “A hookup site, I heard about one. Grounder or Gander or something…”

Parker choked. “Grinder?” ┬á’That’s the one,” she said, and stood up. ” But I need wine first.”

“You’ll need something stronger than wine for Grindr,” he said, and something in his voice – barely repressed humor – made her look at him. “It’s a site for men,” he said “yeah,” she said in her best duh tone. “And I’m looking for one.”

He took the bottle of wine from her hand, poured her a glass, and handed it back to her, waiting until she took a sip to say “Grindr is a site just for men…the only requirement is a body part you don’t have.'” Now it was her turn to choke. “Dammit.'”

Final comments and ratings

Cyndi: All I Want is only the second book by Jill Shalvis that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I now know that I can turn to any of her books for slight angst and lots of sexy. I think her stories are also great candidates to get me past some of those icky leftover feelings of misery from those dark reads that end up on my Kindle. ┬áRating wise I’m giving it 4 stars with my recommendation.

Loredana:┬áI give this book a solid 4 stars and strongly suggest you read the other books in the series to get a more complete picture of the characters. ┬áIt can be read as a standalone, but I believe it’s a better reading experience when you read them in order.

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