The Hazards of Sleeping with a Friend by Alyssa Rose Ivy #Review #OUAP #Hazards @alyssaroseivy

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The Hazards of Sleeping with a Friend by Alyssa Rose Ivy #Review #OUAP #Hazards @alyssaroseivyThe Hazards of Sleeping with a Friend by Alyssa Rose Ivy
Series: Hazards, #5
Published by Smashwords Edition on March 26th 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Warning: Sleeping with a friend might change your life forever.
Sleeping with Kyle was never in the plans. Pretending to be his girlfriend was one thing, but letting our relationship become anything but platonic was another. The problem with mixing friendship with sex is that inevitably feelings get involved, and when that happens there's no turning back.
When Kyle's life fell apart around him, I needed to help, but doing that meant opening myself up to the most terrifying thing in the worldÔÇöfalling in love.
*New Adult Romance*

Though this is the first novel IÔÇÖve read by Alyssa Rose Ivy, I have to say IÔÇÖm hooked on the Hazards series.┬á How can you not love a book that grabs you on the first page with the first line of ÔÇ£Is sex actually important?ÔÇØ┬á And, no, this isnÔÇÖt a conversation between two girlfriends so you can let your imagination run wild as to how the conversation goes!┬á ItÔÇÖs hot, to say the least/

Jade is an atypical female character; sheÔÇÖs actually shying away from commitment.┬á However, as you get to know her, her reason is very valid.┬á Love is scary and it can hurt.┬á She has forgotten, or maybe never knew, that the flip side of the coin is well worth the risk.┬á Kyle is the one who wants to show her how great it can beÔǪheÔÇÖs been dying to have the chance to do so for months!

Kyle is the older guy who runs the radio station where Jade works.┬á HeÔÇÖs hot.┬á HeÔÇÖs smart.┬á HeÔÇÖs liked Jade for a long time, but has never acted on it.┬á Seeing the two of them dance around each other until they realize they want to fall into each other is quite delightful.┬á They have a great spark, but will JadeÔÇÖs reluctance to put herself out there be the ultimate stumbling block?

In this novel, we meet KyleÔÇÖs family, specifically his brother.┬á Nope, not a fan.┬á (His dad is a piece of work, too.)┬á However, Ivy doesnÔÇÖt want us to be, and thatÔÇÖs why a *certain* scene is so strong and pivotal.┬á ┬áYouÔÇÖre torn on what to feel, and understandably so.┬á Kyle has had a strained relationship with his ÔÇ£golden boyÔÇØ brother for a long time, and heÔÇÖs tired of always cleaning up his messes.┬á This dynamic plays very strongly into who Kyle is and the reason for his reactions.

The writing is light and captivating.┬á You find yourself eager to get to the next page, to unearth their secrets.┬á My only wishes for this novel are that we could be provided with a better understanding of the back story of Kyle and Dylan, as well as KyleÔÇÖs own personal secret (nope, no spoiler hereÔǪread the book to find out!).┬á Maybe weÔÇÖll get a sequel from KyleÔÇÖs POV.┬á Now, thereÔÇÖs something to think aboutÔǪ

~ Review by Loredana

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