Shattered by You (Tear Asunder #3) by Nashoda Rose @nashodarose #Review #5Star #TearAsunder #OUAP

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Shattered by You (Tear Asunder #3) by Nashoda Rose @nashodarose #Review #5Star #TearAsunder #OUAPShattered by You by Nashoda Rose
Series: Tear Asunder #3
on June 22nd, 2015
Genres: Alpha Male, Dark Romance
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I killed, but I escaped hell.
Emotionless. Disconnected. Cold. A mannequin. ItÔÇÖs what IÔÇÖd become in order to survive the years held in captivity. I was able to endure the abuse and devastating loss as long as I remained detached.

But he wouldn't let me.
Crisis, the bass guitarist in my brotherÔÇÖs rock band, Tear Asunder. HeÔÇÖs cocky, rude, a total man-whore. But the rock star has far more beneath the surface of his inked skin, and heÔÇÖs determined to make me laugh again.He made me a "deal", but really, it was blackmail.His terms were simple. Until his playful honesty became the building blocks to something unexpected. Something strong enough to pull me from the eye of the storm.

Because even though I escaped years of abuse, it didnÔÇÖt mean I was free.

Shattered By You by Nashoda Rose is the third book in her “Tear Asunder” series and centers around Crisis and Haven.
Just as the previous books, Shattered By You rocked me to the core. It took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. From anguish, pain and heartache to joy, love and passion – I felt and experienced it all. It shattered me, just to put me back together at the end.
Shattered By You is filled with darkness and horror so terrible that it takes your breath away. But within the darkness, is a story of courage, strength, perseverance and light.
Nashoda Rose has the uncanny ability to create broken and damaged characters, who despite the trauma they experienced, don’t give up. They are the epitome of strength. True fighters.

It’s no different with Haven, Ream’s sister. She’s been rescued from the most horrible existence and came to live with him and his girlfriend Kat, as well as his band members, Crisis and Kite.
Unable to let anybody in, she’s colder than a block of ice – at least on the outside. Inside, she’s trying to control a volcano of pain, fear, anger, guilt and shameÔÇöa volcano that could fully break her if she ever allows it to erupt.
The only one who manages to chip away at the walls she put up around her is Crisis, a guy with a big mouth and a cocky attitude who doesn’t give up easily. Without realizing it, their feelings start to change from mere annoyance to friendship to more than that. But the secrets Haven keeps are so awful, so tragic, not many would have the strength to take them on with her. When her past comes back to haunt her and to destroy what’s left of Haven’s soul, will Crisis stand by her side? Will he stop her from breaking irrevocably?
Finding the answer to those questions alongside Haven and Crisis was both emotionally draining and rewarding. Both characters quickly won over my heart.

Haven is a heroine with remarkable strength and resilience. Having experienced true horrors, she still cam out alive, taking her safety and life in her own hands. Not showing any weakness, she’s cold, distant and controlled. Emotions aren’t something she’s used to showing, viewing them more as a weakness or risk. You’d expect her to be shy or timid after what she went through and although she isn’t the life of the party, she’s also not someone to back down or be taken advantage ofÔÇönever again. She stands up for herself and for what she wants.
She doesn’t believe she’ll ever let anyone back in again, but she didn’t take Crisis into account. His laid-back, sweet and fun demeanor not only kick-starts her heart again but ignites a fire within her she didn’t believe to exist. And as courageous and brave as she is, she doesn’t run from her feelings. I loved that about her. She’s been a victim for so long, but she refuses to stay one. Every day she fights for her slice of normality and her spirit, though damaged, was never truly broken.

Crisis is the best possible medicine for Haven. He might be a rock star with an army of women waiting for him in each town, but he still manages to be caring, down-to-earth and loving. He’s not the typical, chest-beating alpha. Yet he’s all manÔÇöwithout the need to prove it. He’s the perfect man to coax Haven out of her emotional prison, to make her want to truly live. He’s understanding and patient, never pushing her too much. He’s fun and light-hearted, allowing other to talk to him without dragging them down.
Crisis is the type of guy that will always manage to get a smile out of everyone. He doesn’t play games and says it like it is. Especially when it comes to Haven, he’s self-less, putting her first. He’s so much more than meets the eye and definitely my favorite Tear Asunder guy. (Although that might change judging by the snippets of Kite’s personality.)

Both characters are fantasticÔÇöindividually and as a couple.
The story caught me by surprise at times and left me reeling.
I usually see the twists and turns of a story coming, but here I was oblivious until it smacked me in the face. There wasn’t a single dull moment.

Nashoda Rose proves yet again that she’s the queen of dark and twisted romance.

5 shattering-my-heart-to-pieces stars.

~Review by Paula

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