Stygian (Scars of the Wraiths, #1) by Nashoda Rose @nashodarose #Review #ScarsoftheWraiths #OUAP

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Stygian (Scars of the Wraiths, #1) by Nashoda Rose @nashodarose #Review #ScarsoftheWraiths #OUAPStygian by Nashoda Rose
Series: Scars of the Wraiths #1
on March 30th, 2015
Genres: Dark Romance, Paranormal Romance
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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


I remember nothing of my abduction two years ago. Sounds and scents trigger horrific flashes, but itÔÇÖs all a blur except for one man with brilliant green eyes. When the tatted six foot two Adonis shows up at my door, my knowledge of the world is shattered.
Bound to the immortal Scar by an ancient spell, we are on the run. Because Balen is the hunted.
And if he dies, so do I.

Balen: Scar
My code of honor was respected without question  until I consumed the blood of a vampire in exchange for a mortal womans freedom.The Scars want me imprisoned. The Wraiths want me dead.But the woman I cant forget needs me. And Ill risk everything to protect her.Even if it means killing her.
Because in order for her to liveÔÇöfirst she must die.

Stygian was my second paranormal romance by Nashoda Rose and it was a blast. I was swept away into a different worldÔÇömysterious, dangerous and incredibly sexy. The story was laden with longing, emotion, heart-ache, sexual tension and enough testosterone to bring every red-blooded woman to her knees.

Danni, a young woman who has experienced true horror but can’t remember any of it, is fighting hard to live a normal life. She knows that something bad happened, something that is affecting her life even two years later, paralyzing her with fear and bringing her to the verge of losing her sanity.
The only thing clear to her is a picture in her mindÔÇöa picture of a man that gives her a sense of safety. Painting the man turns into obsession. When Balen suddenly stands before her, she knows her world will never be the same and that proves to be true as she’s thrown into a world that seems unreal and would make her question her sanity, if not for the puzzle pieces suddenly falling into place.
But just as fast as he came into her life, Balen might be taken from her again – both due to outside forces and her fear of letting love in.
Danni was one hell of a woman. Despite life knocking her down on a regular basis, she always got back up. Bruised and battered maybe, but willing to fight. And she has lot worth fighting forÔÇöfor example Balen.

Balen has tried to stay away from her for two years, fighting the evil that was consuming him from the inside. And as if that wouldn’t have been enough to deal with, he was haunted by the guilt of betraying his own people, feeling unworthy of love and forgiveness.
When he gets back to Danni, he can’t deny the pull he feels towards her, no matter how much he tries to fight it.
But the sins of his past are threatening to catch up with him and destroy the future he might have with the woman he loves.
Balen was a force of nature, not bending to rules and expectations when they didn’t feel right. Even at the risk of having to pay for it, he still stood up for what he believed in and kept on fighting. His love for Danni was all-encompassing; it melted and broke my heart at the same time.
Their relationship was intense, making me hold my breath at times, and melting my panties in other moments.

But Balen wasn’t the only panty-melter. Between the Scar guys Keir, Jedrik, Kilter (I’m claiming him for myself, btw), Hack, of course Balen and even Waleron, the panties melted into oblivion.

The world created by Nashode Rose is original and complex, making my head spin with the creativity of it.

I can’t wait to learn more about it and the characters.

5 there’s-nothing-sexier-than-a-rulebreaker stars.

~Review by Paula

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