Desolation (Jokers’ Wrath MC, #4) by Bella Jewel @BellaJewel73 #Review #5Star #JokersWrathMC #OUAP

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Desolation (Jokers’ Wrath MC, #4) by Bella Jewel @BellaJewel73 #Review #5Star #JokersWrathMC #OUAPDesolation by Bella Jewel
on April 25th, 2015
Genres: Biker, Contemporary Romance
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The girl you all know as damaged. Quiet. Broken.She doesnÔÇÖt fit in. Nothing in her world feels right. SheÔÇÖs trapped in a spiral of darkness that seem to be consuming her day by day, until she sees nothing but an empty, black hole.Her world is a dark place she canÔÇÖt escape.She has people around her who matter. Who love her. But itÔÇÖs not enough. Not enough to break her out of the bitter despair she lives in.


He knows pain. He knows darkness. Hes sweet. Hes kind. But most of allHe understands her.Combining their demons doesnt seem like the best plan. Everyone is against them. He deserves better. She deserves better. Theyll never work. Theyre too broken. Too damaged. Its a destructive combination that will only end in heartbreak.

HeÔÇÖs a biker. SheÔÇÖs a broken angel.

But in their desolation, they find peace.


Desolation by Bella Jewel, the last book in the ÔÇ£JokersÔÇÖ Wrath MCÔÇØ series ended it with a big bang. Desolation definitely is my favorite book in the series and thatÔÇÖs not only because it is about Tyke, whom I adored since the start.
More than the others, this book is emotionally charged, intense and raw. The heartache nearly brought me to my knees at times. It was like a 300 page boxing match of emotions and yet it managed to be sweet and tender at the same time.

Desolation tells the story of Pippa and Tyke. Pippa had been rescued by the JokersÔÇÖ Wrath boys from slavery and reunited with her sister Santana, bringing her into the MC world. From the beginning, she formed a close bond with Tyke, the broken biker who is bound to a wheelchair after an accident. Their friendship runs deep, allowing Pippa to have someone she trust and someone that makes her feel a little less out place, but also offering comfort and understanding to Tyke.
Things go well until the lines defining their friendship get blurred and things become complicated.
Not only do they have to fight their own doubts and hang-ups, but there are also outside forces that are in their way. Between catty girlfriends, the past, people coming back into their lives and enemies out for blood, they mightÔÇÖve bitten off more than they can chew. But there is more to either of them and their love that is visible on the outside.

Pippa has experienced unimaginable horrors in her young life, having spent her formative years as a slave on a tobacco farm, after being kidnapped as a young girl. SheÔÇÖs seen and done things she will never forget and it has shaped her into the woman she is today. SheÔÇÖs shy, timid and sensitive, broken and damaged by her past. It was so heart-breaking to witness the things she went through and the damage they caused. Bella Jewel wrote it so well, I felt the emotions along with Pippa, more often than not ugly crying. The more it touched me to see her tap into her strength, to learn to stand up for herself. Underneath the fragility and fear is a warrior. There is a woman who survived and who canÔÇÖt be destroyed, no matter how broken she is. I felt like a cheerleader, constantly rooting for her.
Despite her horrible past, sheÔÇÖs managed to stay innocent and inexperienced, but not naive. And one thing she knows for sure without any prior experienceÔÇöshe loves Tyke with all her heart.

And really, how could she not.
Tyke was my favorite from the start. HeÔÇÖs softer, more emotional and sweeter than the other guys, but not less of an alpha badass. He seems self-assured and confident, but appearances can deceive. Having lost his ability to move around freely and especially to ride after his accident has taken its toll on him and itÔÇÖs only his feelings for Pippa that make him wake up.
Seriously, I have no words to explain how much I adore him.
HeÔÇÖs thoughtful, caring and doesnÔÇÖt need the whole chest-beating show to be all man. The feelings he has for Pippa run deep and his love for her is nothing less than swoon-worthy.
The way he knows how to give Pippa exactly what she needs, not pushing her too far but also not letting her hide in her shell, made my heart all warm and fuzzy. Oh, and have I mentioned hes sexy as hell. Pure, undiluted sexiness. And the sex, oh God the sex.Pippa is one lucky gal.

The story kept me rooted to the couch, needing to find out what will happen with the two, but also to learn more about the other booksÔÇÖ characters Maddox, Santana, Krypt, Ash, Mack and Jaylah and damn, did the event tear my heart to shreds.
I also really loved the new characters, Raide, Max and especially Rainer. I see so many good stories in the future.
Desolation by Bella Jewel is an absolutely captivating story that stole a piece of my heart.

5 donÔÇÖt-want-to-say-goodbye stars.

~Review by Paula

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