All My Life by Rucy Ban @rucyban #review #4stars #OUAP

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All My Life by Rucy Ban @rucyban #review #4stars #OUAPAll My Life (First Things, #1) by Rucy Ban
Published by Tiefenbacher Pubs on May 11th, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Seventeen-year-old Kari meets Neil Mars. Neil as in Armstrong and Marsas in Bruno. A boy who beats every vampire, werewolf, highlander fantasy Kari has ever had. But she knows she cant get close to him. That would mean telling him everything. And Kari cant bear the idea of changing the way Neil looks at her. His reverence is something too precious to lose. Even at the cost of losing him.

***Full length New Adult Contemporary Romance.

Meet Kari, a young girl whose first love and first time ended, well, letÔÇÖs just say not so perfect. Now she has to deal with the consequences of trusting the wrong person. This makes her distant, closed-off and wary.

When she is in need of money, she happens to stumble upon a job opening at the tattoo parlor across the street from her house. She accepts the job and gets more than she could have ever imagined. Not only does she learn to tattoo but gets a new chance at life, letting go of her mistakes and looking forward to her future again.

This not only with the help of Agnas (her boss) and Nali (her co-worker) but mainly thanks to the sweet, thoughtful and oh so sexy Neil. That guy totally made my heart melt. Seriously one fabulous book boyfriend. He was understanding and made sure she has everything she needs, always looking out for her and being there for her. And even in the most embarrassing moments, he stayed absolutely cool and surprised with the warmest and kindest deeds. Awwww.

Kari seems to regain a sense of pride and starts to enjoy her life the more time she spends with her new ÔÇ×familyÔÇ£. Her transformation was so much fun to watch. And the development of her relationship with Neil is touching and sweet. It will transform your heart to mush. The banter, the flirting and the sexual tension between the two of themÔǪ.hot, hot, hot. I also loved that it was a female character that was a tattoo artist. It is unusual in most books. It was even more likeable due to the fact that it absolutely wasnÔÇÖt KariÔÇÖs thing and yet, she came to love this form of art.

Despite all the sweetness between Kari and Neil there were quite a few sad, tragic or dramatic moments that added more substance to the book and made it even more touching.I like an author that isnÔÇÖt scared to broach difficult and dark topics, which is what Rucy Ban has done.

I loved the story and loved the characters. I actually wished a couple of times that I could hang out at the tattoo parlor. And no, not only with Neil.

Only the ending seemed a bit rushed with not doing the rest of the story justice, but that didnÔÇÖt stop me from enjoying the book as much as I did.

A wonderful debut and 4 sweet and heart-warming stars.

~Review by Paula

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