The Virgin Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn @AuthorMegQuinn #Review #5+Stars #OUAP

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The Virgin Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn @AuthorMegQuinn #Review #5+Stars #OUAPThe Virgin Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn
on April 2nd, 2015
Genres: Romantic Comedy
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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Her bosom heaved at an alarming rate as his rough hand found its way down to her soft, yet wiry briar patch...

Can you say briar patch in a romance novel? What about meat sword? Thats what it isa meat sword, right, all meaty and sword like, slaying through the inner dungeons of a womans dark desires. What about breasts? Do bosoms really heave?

God, I have no idea what happens when private parts touch.
IÔÇÖm a virgin trying to write a romance novel and canÔÇÖt seem to write past a sex scene thanks to my lack of experience.

My two best friends encourage me to drop the pen for a while and gain some real life practice through multiple dating facets such as blind dates, online profiles, and random hookups.

But losing my virginity is proving to be tougher than expected

***5+ Stars***

“The Virgin Romance Novelist” by Meghan Quinn is hands down one of the funniest and sweetest book I’ve ever read. It has charmed its way into my heart, clearly making my top five list of funny books.
It’s fresh, original and laced through and through with humor and wit.
“The Virgin Romance Novelist” made my dating experiences seem so much less awkward in comparison that I think it can be therapeutic.
Overall, this is the best kind of therapy and it made me roar with laughter to the point I woke up my husband.

Rosie, a girl as sweet and adorable as her name, is fed up with her less than stellar career and wants to write a romance novel in order to escape her mundane and frustrating existence. This proves to be hard though, considering she has zilch sexual experience. Zero, nada, niente. She’d make a nun seem like a hussy in comparison.
With the help of her roommates, Henry and Delaney, she sets out to change her virgin status and remedy the lack of experience, grabbing the dating world by the hornsÔÇöor in her case by the dick.
This leads to one disaster after another, at least for her. For everyone else, including myself, it was pure and undiluted amusementÔÇöjoy in word format.
Between the guys she dates, the things she does and thinks, and her interactions with the people around her, I was laughing hysterically.
But there is also a good dose of romance and even some heartache mixed into the story, allowing all the swoony feelings to surface.

And the characters…well, they are amazing.
Rosie is adorable, sweet and naive. But it’s actually quite charming, not in any way annoying.
She’s extremely loving and caring, yet has some sass and personality. She is her own person, comfortable in her own skin. I really adored her and wished more than once to be friends with herÔÇöand not just because of the laughs.

The main people in her life are her roommates and they are just as awesome as she is.

Delaney is a fire-cracker. She speaks her mind with no hesitation, sometimes having the allure of a bulldozer. But she only does what she has to do to push Rosie in the right direction. She’s a true and real friend, one that gives Rosie a shoulder to cry on but also a kick in the butt when necessary.

And then there is Henry. Swoon-worthy, making-me-melt-into-a-puddle-of-goo Henry. He’s so damn lovable. I’ve got no words. He’s funny, sweet and attentive. Not to forget really gorgeous and sexy. He’s not the typical book boyfriend and that makes him even more yummy. The way he care for his friends and the sweet things he does – be still my beating heart.
Sorry, but I just can’t stop swooning. It’s nice to have a sweet book boyfriend in this alpha dominated world.

The other characters, mainly Rosie’s objects of romantic interest, managed to either make me laugh, swoon or cringe, but I’m thankful for every single one of them.

Though the outcome of the story might have been predictable, the journey to get there was nothing but amazing.

5+ so-glad-I’m-not-Rosie stars.

~Review by Paula

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