Only for Us (Only #3) by Cristin Harber #Review #OUAP @CristinHarber #5Stars

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Only for Us (Only #3) by Cristin Harber #Review #OUAP @CristinHarber #5StarsOnly for Us by Cristin Harber
on January 1st 1970
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 128
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The third installment of the Only series. Must be read in order.
Grayson and Emma. First love. True love. And... they have a daughter. Abandonment is his curse. He left his woman, survived his team, and missed the moment most precious to a father. Until now.
"I didn't know you were killing yourself with work. I didn't know you're raising our daughter. So help me God, had I known, there is no military force on earth that would've kept me from you."
Love needs to heal all, or they won't survive the collision of their separate lives. Emma must reach deep into her heart that is barely hanging on and find forgiveness. Grayson, wrecked with PTSD-filled nightmares, must prove that he's here to stay and able to rebuild his family against all odds.
"I need to say I love you. But what I mean is I love you--in a way that defies definition and exists only in a world that you and I are in."
Only for Us is the third installment in the Only series. All novellas will release Spring 2015.

When we last left Grayson and Emma, life had taken a truly tragic and difficult turn.┬á For both of them.┬á Emma thought Grayson was dead, and she was killing herself to make a life for her daughter.┬á SheÔÇÖs been nursing a broken heart that wonÔÇÖt heal.┬á HeÔÇÖs been drowning in survivorÔÇÖs guilt.┬á Life is rarely tied up in a pretty bow.┬á The love and bonds we make and nourish are what makes life prettier, even when the sky is gray.

This series kills you.┬á Cristin Harber takes you to the brink time and time again.┬á I found myself very angry at times with Grayson.┬á He left, and he knew he was leaving, but never said anything to the one person who meant the most to him in his life.┬á Sure, we get some explanations and insight in this book, but I have a hard time swallowing the cowardice.┬á EmmaÔÇÖs family certainly agrees.┬á Then, I take a step back and have to remember that he was a kid existing in hell with just one ray of sunshine, Emma.┬á You know, until you walk a mile in someone elseÔÇÖs shoes, how can you judge?

EmmaÔÇÖs strength blows me away.┬á Her fierce independence has never once abated.┬á She wonÔÇÖt take handouts, and will make any sacrifice needed for her daughter.┬á SheÔÇÖs got true grit, and itÔÇÖs admirable.

Experiencing their growth, tragedies, and slivers of happiness rushes you with them into their adulthood.  Harber does an amazing job of keeping the same feel of the characters as they age and experience life, yet allows them to grow.  It is strongly suggested to read the first two books, Only for Him and Only for Her, before this novel in order to follow the story since this is not a standalone.

~ Review by Loredana

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