Rise Of The True Immortal (First Blood, #1) by Chelsea Ballinger #4Stars #FirstBlood #Review #OUAP

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Rise Of The True Immortal (First Blood, #1) by Chelsea Ballinger #4Stars #FirstBlood #Review #OUAPRise Of The True Immortal by Chelsea Ballinger
Series: First Blood #1
on June 18th, 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance
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My name is Jericho Evans.

I'm twenty one years old.

I have no friends, no girlfriend, and no family.

And I'm dying.

These are the things Jericho has been telling himself every day since he was diagnosed with stage four Leukemia. His whole life, Jericho has felt alone and different from everyone else. Born in the woods and abandoned by his family with only a name tattooed on his arm, Jericho knows nothing of who he is.
That all changes when he meets Mathias, a stranger who claims to have all the answers for Jericho and the truth of whom and what he truly is. Soon Jericho is thrown into a shadow war between vampires and discovers the real reason why he has always felt different. With the help of Mathias and his tribe of vampires including the mysterious and beautiful Sky, Jericho will rise and become the person he was meant to be.

I was immediately drawn into the book, even though my first thought was ÔÇ£really, another vampire book that ÔÇÿredefinesÔÇÖ themÔÇØ? Once I was able to get past that issue, the story line was intriguing and fresh. Learning why Jericho has always felt different is pretty darn awesome, too. Kudos to Ballinger on this!

The name Jericho was an interesting choice. Upon a bit of research, youÔÇÖll learn that the name is believed to be derived from the word meaning “moon” (Yareaß║û) in Canaanite. I sure wish I would have known this before reading the book. It would make a great prologue addition. Especially when you learn about the dark beauty to which he is drawn aptly named ÔÇ£SkyÔÇØ. SheÔÇÖs a taciturn firecracker.

Jericho is a well written character. ItÔÇÖs easy to follow and understand his thought process. I wish we had a better understanding or more clues about his nature, role in the vampire war and relationship with others. ItÔÇÖs pretty easy to join his team and cheer him on, especially now that he has a purpose in his life.

Matthias is a bit of an enigma to me. We know Jericho has some sort of relationship with him (father-type role), but Im not exactly sure if I like Matthias. Sometimes I was rooting for him and other times I kind of wanted to kick him in the shin. Good leader behavior or someone who is trying to protect/hide the past. There are times when he comes across as slightly shady (hahaha, roll with the pun), especially in his relationship with his brother (Um, quite the unknown secondary charactermore to unfold in book 2?).

Speaking of secondary characters. Give us more Aaron, Cecil, and Cassie!

I loved the writing but was left wanting more to the point of going back through the book because I wondered if I missed something along the way. *Spoiler alert* (kind of)ÔǪ┬á JerichoÔÇÖs inability to remember, vague hinting about Matthias, no ÔÇ£completeÔÇØ answers for Jericho from anyone in the tribe, who the players are in the Order, etc. I get that this is the first story in the series, but the author needs to sink her fangs (yes, pun intended) deeper into the reader to ensure that weÔÇÖre hooked and want to complete the transformation from casual reader to devoted follower (Yup, thereÔÇÖs another pun in there. Read the book.)

One can imagine that this was all done with the intention to set the scene for the subsequent books in the series. We do have a cliffhanger between Jericho and Sky which is a perfect segue way into book 2. This was very well done.

I canÔÇÖt give this book more than 4 stars, even though I really want to do so. Not because I wasnÔÇÖt interested in the story or characters, but for the mere fact that several angles of the story appear to be abbreviated and incomplete. IÔÇÖm hoping there will be more in answers in book 2, which I plan to read.

~Review by Loredana

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