Falling for Him (The Falcon Club, #1) by Amy Stephens @AStephensauthor #4Stars #FalconClub #Review #OUAP

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Falling for Him (The Falcon Club, #1) by Amy Stephens @AStephensauthor #4Stars #FalconClub #Review #OUAPFalling for Him by Amy Stephens
Published by Booktrope Publishing on June 24th, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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What happens when the life youÔÇÖve taken for granted gets suddenly turned upside down?

Erica Kennedy was excited about starting her freshman year of college at State University with her best friend Monica. Out of the blue, her parents surprised everyone with a divorce that quickly turned nasty and she was forced to change all of her plans for the fall. Now, no longer attending State, Erica enrolls in Bishop University, a local four-year school geared more for older, working adults and those serving in the military at the nearby Air Force Base.

Being one of the younger students, Erica feels out of place. With two of her classes actually being on the military base, sheÔÇÖs even more uncertain because the classes there are filled with good-looking military men along with another interesting group who wear gray jumpsuits bearing the name The Falcon Club.

One guy in particular, Jaime, catches her attention and she canÔÇÖt resist the urge to find out more about him. Not sure if itÔÇÖs luck or just coincidence, Erica is placed in a study group with Jaime and the mystery behind his gray jumpsuit becomes even more intriguing as does her attraction to him. What she thought was just an elite military group turns out to be so much more.

In discovering the truth, can she stop herself from falling even more for him or will she take her chances and risk everything for a relationship with him?

The Falcon Club: Falling for Him, told from EricaÔÇÖs point of view, is the first book in the two-part series. It will conclude with The Falcon Club: Falling for Her, JaimeÔÇÖs story, which is told from his point of view. The Falcon Club is like no other club you have read about before!

We first meet Erica Kennedy, a young college freshman who is trying to muddle her way into adulthood and through her parents imploded marriage. There have been some major changes in her life, and all she can focus on is how much she is missing. She never thought the bright spot in all of this would be someone she met in classsomeone in the Falcon Club. It appears that Erica has had a fairly easy life, and does not come to appreciate this until she is forced to face change. I initially found her to be a bit immature, but considering her age, her behavior is actually quite an age-appropriate. As I kept reading, it was very interesting to see her grow and battle with herself. I liked her more at the end of the book than at the beginning.

We donÔÇÖt get to know Jaime very well in this book (thatÔÇÖs saved for Book 2). However, what we do find out is that heÔÇÖs intelligent, dedicated, a hard worker, and appears to have a sincere heart. This man makes you pause in your assessment of people at face value. As the old adage goes, you canÔÇÖt judge a book by its cover (or jumpsuit). Jaime is very honorable, and itÔÇÖs obvious he does his best to always consider EricaÔÇÖs welfare.

I was a bit uncomfortable with the age gap between Jamie and Erica, but you canÔÇÖt help who love. ItÔÇÖs a bit of an unconventional love storyÔÇöit basically happens against the odds. I think the lesson we learn from Erica and Jaime is that love and determination cannot be hampered; if they are true, a way will be found through the impossible. I look forward to getting to know Jaime in Book 2.

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