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Unearthed (The Heights #2) by Lauren Stewart @ReadLaurenS #5+Stars #Review #TheHeights #OUAPUnearthed by Lauren Stewart
Series: The Heights #2
on August 19th, 2015,
Genres: Alpha Male, Paranormal Romance
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ÔÇ£What would you give up for freedom?ÔÇØ
ÔÇ£Even if it wasnÔÇÖt yours?ÔÇØ

For three years, Keira lived in hell on earth, kept and tortured by a psychopath. He shouldve killed her. Because now shes looking for payback, to see his face when she shoves a stake into his chest, to feel his dust under her boot. Then shell finally be freeof everything but the memories, scars, and nightmares. Unfortunately, when a demon starts hunting the same prey, Keiras life becomes less about getting revenge and more about fighting temptation.

For three tours above the earthÔÇÖs crust, Davyn has been as close to heaven as a demon can be. In a few weeks, heÔÇÖll go home to be reforged, stripped of all the humanity heÔÇÖs accumulated and reminded of exactly what he is. Of course, in the depths of hell, nobody ÔÇ£finds themselvesÔÇØ through group therapy and happy pills. ItÔÇÖs not all bad news thoughÔÇöbefore he goes, at least he gets to kill a vampire. Maybe a human too, if that stubborn little hunter keeps getting in his way. After all, a nice ass can only buy so much of DavynÔÇÖs patience.

Two people from opposite sides of a war will discover the price of freedom and what theyÔÇÖre willing to pay for it. But in the Heights, nothing is ever fair. For something they both want, one of them will pay with their eternity.

The Heights not only protects the secrecy of vampires, shifters, demons, angels, and other supernaturals, it protects the humans unaware of the world hidden within their own.

***5+ Stars***

Unearthed by Lauren Stewart made the impossible happen.
I fell in love with a demonÔÇöirrevocably, passionately, forever.
And just to make it clear before you try to claim him for yourself: I called dibs on him. He’s mine.
But you can read about him, get to know him, Keira and their awesome story.

Unearthed picks up where Unseen left offÔÇöin the middle of the Rising, a rebellious seer movement planning to overthrow the power of superbeings.

In the middle of it is Keira, a young hunter who has more on her agenda than freedom for seers. There is one being she’s hunting. One being she wants to make pay. She wants and needs to see him die after all the pain he causedÔÇöboth emotional and physical.
But she’s not the only one trying to hunt him down. Davyn, a Fosfer demon, has a job to doÔÇöa job that coincides with Keira’s mission.
As you can imagine, they don’t meet at a party with soft music playing and candles burning. No. Their paths cross when they both try to kill the same enemy.
Though they quickly realize they couldn’t be any more different if they tried, they also can’t deny that they could use each otherÔÇÖs help in order to complete the task.

That proves to be more difficult than they anticipated with the amount of arguing they do. But the arguing gets more and more replaced by banter and flirting, as sparks start to fly that have nothing to do with Davyn’s demonic abilities.
The more they get to know each other, the stronger the bond becomes, but they might’ve underestimated their enemy who’s always one step ahead of them.

Now they might have to put their differences aside, listen to their hearts and make the ultimate sacrifice to win the fight and have a chance at happiness. But is it really worth it?

If you ask me, hell yes, it is. But then my brain might be misfiring due to Davyn’s awesomeness.

Davyn is hot and not just in the good-looking sort of way, but also in the “I-have-so-much-demonic-energy-I-can-set-everything-on-fire” way. Yet, I must admit he could burn me any time. Davyn is perfectly imperfect. He’s sarcastic, crass, has an attitude problem, doesn’t give a damn what others think and can’t withstand the temptation to make indecent remarks whenever possible. Then again, as a demon he doesn’t have any reason to withstand it.
The thing about him is that this is just one side to him. The other side is something he has to come to terms with – the whole caring, loving, helping thing is not something he’s familiar with. Watching him battle with his own goodness and his feelings for Keira was not just entertaining, but could melt an iceberg.

And in a way it has, considering he manages to worm his way into Keira’s heart.
As a woman who has spent years being used and abused, she’s not one to easily trust. Especially not a demon.
She’s independent, fierce and strongÔÇöa warrior with good looks and a scarred soul. She has a hard time dealing with the unyielding passion that Davyn awakens in her. A passion that makes her question her goals, her mission.
I adored her for her strength as much as for her vulnerability. She was sassy and sarcastic, which made me instantly like her. And the fact that she was not a girly girl, not a damsel in distress made me want her to be my BFF.

Lauren Stewart’s writing is extraordinary. The world she created is complex and filled to the brim with creativity, yet it never feels like too much. It’s a world to disappear in, to live in, and to revel in. The characters are original, different from anything I read before. They have heaps of layers to their personality, which makes them seem real. And that takes a ton of talentÔÇöto make demons, vampires and the likes seem realistic.

One of the very many things that wowed me that stood out, was that Lauren Stewart didn’t feel the need to describe the torture that Keira went through in detail. She didn’t hop on the whole “shock-with-a-dark-plot-twist” wagon. Instead, she hints at it here and there, giving sometimes more, sometimes less information. Just like the rest of the book, it’s classy and has style, not losing any impact.

5+ Davyn-is-my-own-personal-demon stars.

~Review by Paula

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