The Bars That Hold Us by Shelly Pratt @authorprattster #Review #6Stars #NextRead #OUAP

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The Bars That Hold Us by Shelly Pratt @authorprattster #Review #6Stars #NextRead #OUAP

The Bars That Hold Us by Shelly Pratt @authorprattster #Review #6Stars #NextRead #OUAPThe Bars That Hold Us by Shelly Pratt
Series: Standalone
on May 14th, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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We were never meant to be caged 
It was just a matter of circumstance that brought our equally ruined lives together.

Mercy Cole has come off the beat. SheÔÇÖs a drowning mess after devastating circumstances shatter her every ideal in one single second. Torn from the life she knew by chance, she decides that a post in Silverwater Jail is just what she needs. There, she wonÔÇÖt have to deal. Deal with real people, deal with emotions, and deal with life.
What she doesnÔÇÖt expect is for Saxon Miles to work his way into her heart and destroy the steel bars sheÔÇÖs built up to keep people out.
SaxonÔÇÖs no stranger to trouble, but that was the last thing he was expecting on a night out. When it comes to family, thereÔÇÖs nothing he wouldnÔÇÖt do to protect them. He just didnÔÇÖt plan on going to jail because of it.
In a twist of fate, their lives collide; the only thing keeping them apart is the bars that hold them prisoner.

****** 6 STARS ******

I’m finally able to form coherent thoughts after what must have been my longest book hangover ever.
And even now when I think about this story, I’m crushed, heart-broken and unsure if I’ll fully recover.┬á

The Bars That Hold Us by Shelly Pratt has left me a blubbering mess. A complete sobbing fool.
It mesmerized me with its depth, the intense emotions taking control of me despite the slower pace of the story. Or maybe it was exactly that pace that allowed me to feel every single thing the characters were feeling – the good stuff, but also the bad.

This is a story that will stay with me for a long time to come, the impact on my heart too strong to just let it go.

The Bars That Hold Us is full of tenderness, raw emotions and tells the tale of love and loss, grief and healing. It’s about mistakes and about moving on. And it leaves you wondering if it’s really better to have loved and lost or to never have loved at all.

Mercy Cole was a cop until one day her life was shatteredÔÇöher love taken away from her. Drowning in depression and despair, she starts a new job at a prison, thinking she’ll be able to walk through her days numb and devoid of feeling.
But all of that goes out the window when she first lays eyes on Saxon Miles. An inmate, he’s paying the price for a mistake he made, biding his time until he gets out, counting the days and the hours until he can leave the prison walls behind.
From the first moment his eyes fall on Mercy, she becomes an unexpected distraction.
They are both drawn to each other, but while Saxon allows himself to feel the growing attraction, Mercy is in denial, riddled by guilt and shame. Yet, the circumstances bring them closer together and in the time they spend with each other, their attraction keeps growing. It’s not just physical, not just sexual. It’s so much more than that. Without much outside distractions, they can see into each otherÔÇÖs hearts. And what they find has the power to bind them together even once they leave the prison behind – the literal and figurative one.

Saxon is an intriguing man. Despite his hotheaded side that got him into the place he’s now in, he’s generally a quiet, thoughtful man. He’s aware of the mistakes he made and the things he lost, but no matter how bleak the situation, he doesn’t give up. He’s a truly beautiful personÔÇöinside and out. The kind that makes you want to protect him, soothe him, and love him. He’s passionate and sexy and there is something about him that touched my heart, my soul.

He does the same to Mercy, a young woman who feels like she’s dying on the inside, nothing more than a shell of who she used to be. This changes when Saxon captures her heart. She has lost so much and her grief is palpable. It’s real, it’s ugly and it’s intense. Mixed with the guilt and shame she feels, it’s impossible for her to move on. But underneath all that sadness is a vibrant womanÔÇöwith a good heart and a joie de vivre. It’s now on her to let this side of her come back to life and it’s a prison of all places where she starts to do this.

Their relationship was beautiful. It was honest, tender and sweet despite their circumstances. Their love developed slowly into something bigger and better.

Even weeks later, when I think of them and of the ending, a sob escapes me, my heart breaking for them a million times.

The only thing that bothered me at times was that I would have loved more detail and information at certain points. Things that kept me wondering how they are dealing with or feeling about a certain situation. But just like in real life, you don’t always get all the answers. Some things you’ll always wonder about.

6 no-bars-can-stop-true-love stars.

~Review by Paula

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