Lukas (Ashes & Embers, #3) by Carian Cole #Review #AmbersAndEmbers #OUAP

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Lukas (Ashes & Embers, #3) by Carian Cole #Review #AmbersAndEmbers #OUAPLukas by Carian Cole
Series: Ashes & Embers #3
Published by Carian Cole on July 28th, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


StormÔÇÖs younger cousin.
VandalÔÇÖs little brother.
YouÔÇÖve met him in the background.
The sweet one. The nice one.
The one they can all rely on.
The good one.
HeÔÇÖs a tattoo artist. He plays metal and classical music - on the violin.
HeÔÇÖs got a body built for sin.
HeÔÇÖs 24.
In comes Ivy. SheÔÇÖs a 36 year old single mom who hasnÔÇÖt dated in 18 years.
All she wanted was a tattoo.
She got a helluva lot more 🙂
Being good has never been so bad.

Be still my beating heart that now belongs to the most perfect book boyfriend of all book boyfriends.
Lukas by Carian Cole has turned me into emotional mush. A blubbering, crying woman. Why? Because this was one of the most tender, sweetest reads of all time, while still managing to be sexy and realistic.
It was less about drama and over-the-top twists and more about two people getting to know each other, falling in love with the good and the bad that the other brings to the table and mastering the challenges along the way.

Carian Cole’s Lukas is the story of Ivy, and yes, you guessed it, Lukas.
Ivy is 36, recently separated from her cheating douche of a husband. She’s trying to pick up the pieces of her life while taking care of her two kids.
Starting a new life, she decides to get a tattoo. That’s where she meets Lukas, 24 years old, tattoo artist, musician, super-hunk extraordinaire.
While their lifestyles and looks couldn’t be any more different, they can’t deny the spark between them. A spark that quickly ignites a fire, burning brightly with respect, affection, passion and love.
Not everyone is enamored by their romance though and as others scheme against them, they need to prove what their bond is really worth.

Ivy was an unusual character for many reasonsÔÇöher age, her kids, the fact that she was divorcing her husband. She felt unwanted, unattractive, and lost after she learned the ugly truth about her marriage. But then she started to find herself again. Find the woman she buried underneath the duties of a wife and mother. And through Lukas’ attention and affection, she started to thrive.
Her personality was absolutely endearing. She was sweet, nice, and innocent and non-judgmental. A good mom and an awesome person. Despite her fears to trust again and her hang-ups about the age-difference, she clearly saw Lukas’ beautyÔÇöinside and out.
Watching her find her inner strength and value turned me into her cheerleader.

If she wouldn’t have snagged Lukas, I would have climbed into the book and done that.

He’s out-of-the-world amazing. Despite having been through really tough times and having his demons that haunt him, he’s balanced, loving, and very in tune with who he is and what he wants. Not your typical 24 year old, he has a clear set of values and moral, an unparalleled level of integrity. He’s a gentleman, a family man, able to show his emotions, and express his feelings. He’s honest, caring, and respectful. And when he loves, he does so fiercely and loyally. He’s just a beautiful soul that made me fall in love with him hard.
But he’s not all sweetness. When he lets the bad boy out to play, it gets wickedly hot.
He’s a unique characterÔÇöhis looks, his personality, his house, his job, his pet, and his interests. I’m head over heels for him.

I loved that both Ivy and Lukas were not overly dramatic and handled things like grown-ups. I loved how their path wasn’t always easy, but they always their way. I loved how they chose to grow and learn, instead of being unreasonable. I loved the unexpected twists and all the side characters. It was a beautiful and unique story.

Carian Cole has a fan for life now.

5 this-book-could-thaw-the-iciest-of-hearts stars.

~Review by Paula

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