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53 Letters for My Lover by Leylah Attar #Review #OUAP @leylahattar53 Letters for My Lover (53 Letters for My Lover, #1) by Leylah Attar
Published by Pitch73 Publishing on June 17th 2014
Pages: 396
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This is not your typical love story. ItÔÇÖs not so black and white. Lines are crossed. Walls are smashed. Good becomes bad. Bad becomes very, very good.
Shayda HijaziÔÇöthe perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect daughter. For thirty-three years, she has played by the rules, swallowing secrets, burying dreams and doing whatever it takes to anchor her family. Shayda Hijazi is about to come face to face with the one thing that can rip it all apart, the one thing her heart has always been denied: Love.
Troy HeathgateÔÇöuntamed, exhilarating, dangerousÔÇöa man who does exactly as he pleases. Life bends to his will. Until he comes across the one thing he would give it all up for, but can never have.
Born on the same day in opposite corners of the world, their lives collide. And nothing is ever the same again.
Spanning three decades, 53 Letters for My Lover is a fiercely sensual, emotional ride to the heart of an epic, forbidden love that defies it allÔÇöan intimate exploration of love, loyalty, passion, betrayal, and the human journey for hope, happiness and redemption.
***Indie Reader "Best Books of 2014"***

Contemporary women's fiction: Ages 18+

This is an unconventional love story of Shayda Hijazi, a woman who has always done as expected, rather than seeking her own dreams and following her heart.  She has been a dutiful wife, daughter, and mother.  Moving to Canada from Iran at the request of her parents in the hopes of new opportunities, Shayda embarks on a new chapter in her life, including a new husband and in-laws.  She tries to be the best wife and daughter-in-law.   However, she lacks the one thing she had always hoped for: love.

Enter Troy Heathgate.┬á They share a birthday and a connection.┬á He is the type of man who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal and he has set his eye on Shayda.┬á The pull is undeniable, offering those emotions and experiences Shayda has only ever dreamed ofÔǪbut can should she indulge?┬á Shayda is faced with balancing a family life, loyalty to her husband, a painful past, and finding love in the arms of another man.┬á Their story spans decades, filled with a forbidden love, discovery of self, personal growth, and learning what makes your soul and heart fly.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?  This story has multiple layers, building dimension to its characters.  Some of the background may lead you to wonder where the love story begins.  However, with each layer peeled back, you understand another aspect of Shayda personality, her thought process and how she handles and grows through each dilemma.  Once you get to the heart of the story, every lick will have been worth it and all your questions are answered.

When the author, Leylah Attar, introduces Troy, you first experience just a two-dimensional introduction with only glimpses of his depth.┬á As the story evolves, you begin to appreciate the true dynamics of his character and fall just a bit more in love with him.┬á HeÔÇÖs not just the beautiful face to which Shayda is drawn.┬á By the end of their story, you grasp the full picture and wish you actually knew Troy and Shayda.

Attar shows how love can take many forms, evolving as we grow within ourselves.┬á Loyalty, passion, betrayal, pain, hope, happiness ÔÇô they are all interwoven into the fabric of these complex characters.┬á ┬áTheir depth, evolution and fallibility make them more realistic.┬á Love isnÔÇÖt perfect, but itÔÇÖs the imperfections with the perfect person for you that makes it worthwhile.

I give the story a solid 4 stars.┬á The authorÔÇÖs unique perspective makes this book an interesting read, but the beginning requires some dedication to understand and decipher characters and background.┬á In the end, itÔÇÖs worth the effort.┬á┬á You feel like you struggle and rejoice each day with Shayda.┬á The authorÔÇÖs writing makes you wish you could have known the peripheral characters more.┬á If youÔÇÖre looking for something a little off the beaten path that will stick with you, pick up this book!

~ Review by Loredana

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