Wilde Times (Old Town Country Romance, #4) by Savannah Young #Review #OUAP

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Wilde Times (Old Town Country Romance, #4) by Savannah Young #Review #OUAPWilde Times by Savannah Young
Series: Old Town Country Romance #4
on October 9th, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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In high school, Jake Wilde was the star football player, who led his team to win the state championship. Now ten years later heÔÇÖs the manger of his familyÔÇÖs bar, Haymakers, but the residents of rural Old Town still talk about his glory days in high school.

Harley Davis was always the girl-next-doorliterally. Her family was neighbors with the Wilde family and the Wilde boys treated her like the little sister they never had. But Harley spent her adolescence dreaming that shed one day be Jake Wildes girl.

She never anticipated that sheÔÇÖd be one of the many girls Jake sleeps with. It breaks HarleyÔÇÖs heart a little bit more every time Jake hooks up with someone other than her, which happens on a regular basis.
How much longer will Harley believe that having even a small piece of Jake is better than having no Jake at all?

Wilde Times was the last book in the ÔÇÿOld Town Country RomanceÔÇÖ Series. Having read the first three novels in this Series I knew I liked YoungÔÇÖs writing and I was curious about the last Wilde brother and whether or not he and Harley could redeem themselves for their sometimes awful behavior, towards one another and their friends.

From the first three novels, it was obvious that JakeÔÇÖs and HarleyÔÇÖs relationship was very different to the oneÔÇÖs JakeÔÇÖs brother have. He wasnÔÇÖt looking for a committed relationship or a future, especially with Harley. I couldnÔÇÖt wait to read about his reasoning and learn the reasons why he was unable to commit to Harley. And after finally reading this novel, it all makes sense! Even though his reasoning as to why he was pushing Harley away was completely ridiculous and backwards to me, I was able to understand his side of the story and it came from a good, albeit misplaced, place. I ended up actually liking him a lot and I was rooting for him to win Harley back after he screws it all up.

And Harley, such a sweetheart and sensitive soul underneath that entire hardcore, badass bitch she wants the world to see. Throughout the previous stories, Harley was very hard to read; I was unsure whether or not she actually was a good and nice person or if her moments of displayed friendliness were only a fluke. Turns out Harley actually has a heart and cares; she just doesnÔÇÖt like to show it or others to know it. I was happy that she put her foot down, drew a line and when Jake stepped over it, or better blew it to smithereens; she followed through with the consequences she threatened him with. Harley being a doormat in that situation would not have worked!

The only reason this is not a 5 Star read for me is that I felt the ending was a little rushed and I would have loved to see the author go into more detail; make Jake grovel some more. I still enjoyed this short story immensely and I am extremely happy to find that Jake was able to redeem himself in my eyes.

This was a wonderful conclusion to a great series and I cannot wait what Miss Young will come up with next, but IÔÇÖm going to miss these lovely, sexy cowboys and their strong, amazing women.

~Review by Anja

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Oh, these Wilde boys.┬á If youÔÇÖve never read the series, you should.┬á This is the fourth novel where we get to better understand the eldest of the Wilde brothers, consummate player Jake Wilde.┬á While the book is a standalone, I decided I wanted to start from the beginning.┬á It probably gave me a different perspective going into this book since we meet each of the brothers in each book.┬á Seriously, I was not a fan of Jake and didnÔÇÖt think he was worth any time Harley devoted to him. ┬áI was pretty irritated at her for wanting him when we all knew that he was just after a 15-minute panty interlude!┬á But, you canÔÇÖt judge this book just by his cover (well, heÔÇÖs sexy, but heÔÇÖs more than just that!!) Luckily, we get to see the other amazing Wilde men and their women as they help these two lost souls figure themselves and each other out (READ: There may be some well-deserved verbal smacking aroundÔǪdonÔÇÖt worry, youÔÇÖll enjoy it!)

While the book is certainly a light and easy read, we definitely get to know Jake and Harley a whole lot better.┬á In the first few books, we only get to know her sarcastic wit and penchant for supremely tight clothes.┬á In this story, we get to scratch the surface some more and learn thereÔÇÖs a whole lot more to Harley.┬á Dare we say, she is hiding a big heart and even bigger brain under that corset and makeup?!

And Jake.┬á Oh, sweet, misguided, man-whoring Jake.┬á Though heÔÇÖs the oldest, heÔÇÖs certainly stuck in the glory days of high school and all of the tail he can get.┬á No one has ever had his heart except for a certain someone, but he knows she deserves better.┬á So, in all of his misguided intentions, he allows himself to think with the wrong head to push her towards what he thinks she needsÔǪand away from what she truly wants.

If youÔÇÖre looking for a well-written, but light read, I encourage you to get to know all of the Wilde Men and the women to whom they give their hearts.┬á 4 stars to Young (a super shiny one for each of the Wilde brothers!)

~ Review by Loredana

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