8 Mile & Rion by KS Adkins #Review #OUAP

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8 Mile & Rion by KS Adkins #Review #OUAP

8 Mile & Rion by KS Adkins #Review #OUAP8 Mile & Rion by K.S. Adkins
on November 20, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Few call me Rion, but you can call me Junior.
Life was easy here on 8 Mile until the day I was told to leave Detroit. When my dad died, the life I built at his request ended and I stepped back into the world I was born to live inÔÇötaking bets and when necessary, collecting on them by force.
I was raised in a manÔÇÖs world, a world that embraced me, that I understood. Or so I thought.

One collection gone wrong was all it took to change the course of my life forever.
A homeless, bitter ex-Marine squatting in the property I was taking back changed everything.
Loyal Hart was hiding from the ghosts of war. He never wanted to be found, but I wasn't raised to leave a man behind. Despite his nasty words and dirty looks, I knew a good man when I saw one. This angry man had the edge I needed to get results in my line of work, so I hired him. He proved to be more damaged than I ever thought possible, and too soon I realized that I couldnÔÇÖt live without him.

Loyal found it easier to battle his feelings for me than he did his own demons. Though he kept me safe, even putting his body at risk in the process, he fought even harder to keep me at armÔÇÖs length. When true danger came, I saw what he was really made of, and why he lied to keep himself a secret.

A smart bookie always knows her odds. So I took the risk and bet it all on the man who wouldn't even bet on himself.

It is no secret that I am a big K.S. Adkins fan. Ever since IÔÇÖve read her ÔÇÿDetroit After DarkÔÇÖ series I was hooked on her writing. I love her honest, raw, gritty and unique voice. She writes take-no-shit heroines that still manage to sustain a sense of vulnerability and inner strength throughout a whole lot of troubles. All of this makes for a very eagerly awaited novel that even though it not directly implemented in her first series, is still placed in the same environment and connected to it. I couldnÔÇÖt wait for this story!

Rion is a very complex character. She is extremely headstrong and can easily defend herself, but at the same time, she is also very forgiving and vulnerable, and shows this on many occasions. Her forgiving nature is probably the one trait that is both very valuable and inconvenient, in combination with her tendency to hand out second chances. However, her giving out second chances is also the reason she meets Loyal, which changes her life drastically.

Loyal is a veteran who has just arrived state side, only to find he lost the life he thought he had. During his years as a Marine he saw some crazy shit and has come home ÔÇÿwrongÔÇÖ, as he calls it. He has nightmares and a whole lot of other issues he tries to ignore. Living in denial seems to work for him. It takes meeting Rion to change all that and for him to start fighting for a life that includes more than just existing.

This story has never gotten boring and had one twist after another; just about giving me whiplash. Rion and LoyalÔÇÖs chemistry is palpable and explosive. They have to fight for their happily ever after tooth and nails, which is what makes them much more lovable. I love the depth to both characters and their wide range of displayed emotions.

~Review by Anja

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